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After the regulation of stunning iPad Mini 2 all over the world, Apple has finally came out with the upgraded iPad Mini 3. But surprising most of the hardware configurations have been maintained as seen in iPad Mini 2. However this upgraded iPad has been given a premium soft finish and Touch ID has been incorporated. The same powerful processing configurations are driving this new iPad Mini as seen in its 2nd variant. It has not been upgraded although some benefits might be seen So, here are the best things about this iPad Mini 3 you should definitely know before buying.

Apple iPad Mini 3

1. Upgraded Design: Just like iPad Mini 2, this variant has also got the same and thickness () which simply signifies that basic designing remains the same. However the difference lies in the much more premium back plate finish making it the best iPad in the design category. Along with the 7.9 inch LED backlit display might be of same size and resolution but the display colour abstraction has been improvised.

2. Touch ID: This is the exceptional feature present in iPad Mini 3 among this iPad Mini range. It lets you keep you iPad Mini 3 highly secured than ever with the precise finger print sensor. This feature has already flaunted by Apple in iPhone and iPhone 6 plus, now it has been replicated for this device also because of its high effectiveness and has also made payment options easy on just one tap.

3. Processing core: Surprising Apple has introduced the same dual core A7 processor as seen in iPad Mini 2. Few additional tasks might have been increased in this iPad Mini 3 but the basic core seems alike. This A7 processor isn’t a bad stuff, it has rocked the iPad Mini 2 and is going to do here but little more core up gradation would have been more appreciable.

4. Camera Quality: A 5 Mp auto focus camera is present with picture resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. The additional features include touch focus, face detection and HDR photo. A 1.2MP front shooter is housed at the front for Face-time chatting and other related stuff.

5. Enhanced Storage: Unlike iPad Mini 2, a higher storage variant has been released for iPad Mini 3 with 128 GB storage capacity. The other storage variants are 16 GB and 64 GB. Due to day to day increasing storage needs, Apple has taken this one giant leap.

6. Good Network compatibility: It has never been the issue in iPad’s and here also 2G, 3G, 4G network compatibility is seen which fantastic because it allows a broad range of people to use different network frequencies on iPad Mini 3 according to their will. Limitedness in network compatibility creates a shrink in usage due to less free will and effect finally reaches on sales.

7. Upgraded Operating system: iPad Mini 3 runs on the latest iOs 8.1 factory installed which is a good thing because the upgrade after release often ends up in bugs and other problems like hang ups and RAM shortening. So, it better to have a factory installed latest operating system.

8. Good application compatibility: iPad Mini 3 with 1GB DDR3 RAM storage supports a good number of applications without hang ups and makes multi tasking effective. Since, the overall processing configuration is similarly restored so same rule applies here. Otherwise it could have been increased as all other firms are doing so.

9. Battery backup: its Li-Po battery (23.8Wh) is enough to run this iPad Mini 3 for 10 hours on continuous multimedia running which includes surfing internet, listening music, playing games and other entertainment related things. So, it simply means this is the best gadget to be taken for hangouts all day without worry of charging.

10. Additional features: The additional features in this iPad Mini 3 are active noise cancellation, Siri commands, different icloud services, etc. Moreover it will be available in 3 colour combinations which include space gray, black-silver and white-gold. Overall Touch Id is the best additional and innovative feature seen in this device.

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the freshly hybridised conception Smartphone from Samsung was earlier unveiled in the month of August 2014 and now it has been officially flagged off by Samsung in September 2014. After the designing of successful leathery and soft feel plastic Smartphone’s, Samsung looks like to have diverged its attention in developing something more gleaming and glittering stuff with the royal shine just like iPhone. So, Samsung has introduced their first meat bodied Smartphone in the game to turn the tables in this category also. After its successful sales Samsung is definitely looking forward in designing of much more stuff like this one. Samsung has housed this Smartphone will some top quality and best ever things which should definitely know about it.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Best things to know about Samsung Galaxy Alpha

1. Perfectly Designed Compactness: Moving on from plastic natured bodies and large screen display Samsung has given this Smartphone a compact and metallic style creating an exotic masterpiece. Besides the body, its size has also been minimised with 4.7 inches display making this Smartphone compact enough to be kept in pockets as well as very handy to use. This iPhone concept has finally used up by Samsung in this Smartphone.

2. Excellent Display Quality and Features: its compact body is implanted with a 4.7 inches super AMOLED display providing screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and pixel density of 312 ppi. This display quality is fine for compact Smartphone and will allow good gaming and video experience. Moreover it features a PayPal certified fingerprint sensor and is protected by TBC.

3. Super fast Processing: This Smartphone is launched with Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat OS operating on Quad core 1.8 GHz processor. This high frequency processor is supported by Mali-T628 MP6 GPU. This processing speed is totally sufficient to run this Smartphone without hiccups.

4. Vast Application Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Alpha housed with a 2 GB Ram couples rightly with this high speed processor and lets you use maximum applications very efficiently and high performance multi tasking is also maintained in balance. This is the important step by Samsung to facilitate this exotic Smartphone with good RAM storage.

5. Good Amount of storage: Surprising Samsung has designed this Smartphone without micro SD card slot which means memory expandability option is not available. But there’s no need to worry because this Smartphone possess capacity to store 32GB of your data and it’s sufficiently a good amount of storage.

6. High clarity camera: It has been provided with a 12 MP primary camera taking photos with resolution of 4608 x 2592 pixels featuring dual camera, face detection, smile-detection, etc. For video calling and selfie taking feature it has got a 2.1 MP front shooter. This is overall a good camera combination for this standard.

7. Upgraded Sensors: Besides the most basic sensor seen in majority of Smartphone’s, just like Galaxy S series Smartphone’s it has also been provided an additional heart rate sensor along with accelerometer, proximity, gyro and compass.

8. Affluent network compatibility: Just like all other rich featured Smartphone’s it has also got 2G, 3G and 4G compatibility along with connectivity modes including NFC, GPS WI- FI. So, no compromise has been made in this class at all.

9. Good battery backup: It is housed with a 1860 mAh LI-ion battery which is expected to give a good day of battery backup however any magical performance from this battery is totally unacceptable.

10. Additional features: Besides all the rich features this Smartphone flaunts, it also has got ANT + support, active noise cancellation with dedicated mic and you will also be getting 50 GB of Drop box cloud storage for free. Overall this Smartphone is a great user experience.

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Google has finally unveiled their highly awaited Smartphone Nexus 6 to be expectedly hitting the market in this month of October 2014. This Smartphone will be a giant upgrade from Google in terms of performance as well as size. Looking at its size everyone would prefer to call it a Phablet instead of Smartphone.  Not only its size is the most talked thing but the processing capability might take it beyond the limits. With the release of this Smartphone, a lot of former Smartphone’s under its price line would definitely have to suffer the bottle neck effect. Taking an all round glimpse about this Smartphone will get you to know about it much more unseen. So, here we have scrutinized the best 10 things, this Smartphone is going to provide us with.

Motorola Nexus 6

1. Lollipop: The first and foremost thing which got this Smartphone a great share of publicity is that it is coming with the factory launched Android v 5.0 Lollipop. This giant software upgrade will definitely give this Smartphone, a wide range of breathable features and looks. As far as the popularity of this new OS is concerned, it’s being called as the biggest and best update since ice cream sandwich. So, it’s obvious that buying this Smartphone for the reason of tasting lollipop is worth it and makes it obligatory when it comes to the power packed performance of this Smartphone.

2. Great display Quality and design: Nexus 6 is exceptionally alleged to be housed with a 5.96 inches AMOLED display along with display resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and pixel density of 493 ppi. This is the most exceptional and exotic display providing bigger screen enjoyment along with unpredictably high clarity. Who would have though Google and Motorola are planning such tight stuff? This is totally extra ordinary and marvelous.

3. Enhanced Camera: Formerly Nexus 5 possessed 8 MP primary camera and that has been increased to 13 MP now in case of Nexus 6. Besides increasing the power of its camera, some new features like optical image stabilization, dual recording, etc have also been introduced. Besides this primary camera, it houses a 2 Mp front shooter for video chatting and other stuff which seems good when taken a look around within other beasts.

4. Unique Speaker System: This is for the first time that instead of back and side speakers, Nexus 6 will be flaunting two stereo speakers at the front. This simply implies that Google has definitely talked out increasing sound quality and loudness of this Smartphone. As it is seen in majority that most of the Smartphone’s face low sound problems, Google might make the difference here.

5. No storage Worries: Nexus 6 will be rolling out in two storage variants of 32GB and 64GB storage capacity. Both these variants have got considerably good storage and depend upon the need of user to choose one. However, no expand-ability option will be provided.

6. Super fast processor: This Smartphone is ready to provide nitro boosted performance with its Quad core Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.7 GHz. This real super fast processor will totally run every bigger than the biggest application Smoothly and to add to its compatibility and number of allowed applications to use, a 3GB of RAM is provided so that user never falls short of memory.

7. Good Sensor Implantation: Looking at the advancements of Google in this category the sensors provided in this Smartphone aren’t their best but still are good. May be their best will be in higher variants of Nexus line up. The provided sensors are accelerometer, proximity, gyro, compass and barometer, however we badly miss heart rate sensor.

8. Best network compatibility: As per the present available network systems, this Smartphone is also compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies and the available connectivity options seen are Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and WI-FI.

9. Exceptional features: The most exceptional of all the features is it’s Qi enabled wireless charging technology, and commonly seen active noise cancellation with dedicated mic support. However wireless charging is the great achievement seen in this Smartphone.

10. Excellent battery capacity: Motorola has packed this Smartphone with a 3220 mAH Li-Po battery which is able to give 24 hours of talk time. This Smartphone will be provided with quick charging technology which will allow you to completely charge your Smartphone within 15 minutes.