Zangi free messaging, voice and video call app for iPhone review


There are just so many messaging apps available in the market, and then what is so special about Zangi? This is what we are here to find out. With the world filled with the likes of Whatsapp, BBM, WeChat, Viber, Skype and many many, just too many more, another messaging app would actually struggle to find its ground around town, and one such app here trying to find its foot “Zangi” promises to offer more. But will this app really stand to its promises and deliver something special among the cut-throat competition? Or will be it engulfed like thousands of others in the app store. We will know only after dissecting the app completely.

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Services Offered:

Just as an overview, let’s just check out what the app actually offers us which we can further discuss in details. The app offers unlimited international messaging, HD audio calls over the internet using the least amount of data (that’s what they are claiming). Also they offer HD video calls, a callback feature, Roaming facility and also calls and SMS to regular mobiles and landlines at competitive rates. You can check that this is pretty much similar to Skype which it claims to be their only other competitor present till date.

Messaging & Audio:

This app works on the same IM principles of other messaging apps like Whatsapp, BBM, Skype and others. The messages follow the double pattern of sent and received. Also you can attach files to send like images, audio and videos. Along with that you can also make free voice calls with the other person but he should also have the app. So it is somewhat similar to Skype’s functioning. Also the developers claim that the voice messages use the least amount of data. When we checked out this app, a 3 minute call over 2G network did bring certain hiccups, but it was satisfactory and consumed around 7 MB of data. On the other hand using Skype for the same duration consumed 9 MB, so that is 2 MB less, but overtime this will be much clear.

HD Video Calls:

You can also make HD video calls but you will need a minimum 3G connection of a Wi-Fi connection and a HD video cam as well for that. Else basic video calls can always be made using the app. Again a similar feature like Skype and our usage experience was pretty much similar to Skype app. So we can take it.

SMS and calls to regular phones:

Another feature this provides similar to Skype is calls to regular landline phone and mobiles all over the world using in-house credits which can be bought using proper money. This way even if you want to contact any friends or family which are not using this app, you can do that with ease.

Zangi App

Roaming Facility:

This is something really unique which we have not come across any other messaging app. In this feature, when you go out of town or out of the country and you buy a new SIM for free incoming calls, then you can register that number as your Roaming number and so when you receive any calls or messages on your old original number, they are forwarded here on this number. So that’s really awesome. The best part is that there is no limit to the numbers and you can add as many numbers into roaming as you want, so that’s like amazing.


This feature is also another unique feature where if either one of you is struggling with network or internet connection, then you can use the callback feature where the app will connect you to your roaming number or your number and then to the number you want to connect. This will all be done over VoIP and hence you will be charged for 2 separate calls with regular rates.


Registration for this app is based on your phone number and nothing else. So there are very less chances of anyone hacking your Zangi account and misusing it. So security wise also it is pretty good and with the number, you can easily use this side by side other messaging apps on your smartphones.

So overall this is another cool messenger app similar to Skype, but with some amazing new features present on this app makes this app a bit better gives it an edge over other messaging apps. But it also depends on how much you use those features at the end of the day. Zangi being a new app, it will be sometime until it gains some ground in the market which is totally ruled by Skype and now even Google Hangouts is trying to make inroads to it. But let’s see what is held in store for them.

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