With Mophie Space Pack forget about storage and battery issues on iPhone 5


Ever felt the need for a beefier battery backup to cover through the day while cringing at the dearth of limited storage space n your mobile phone? Our smartphones today can calculate most complex of algorithms downunder to provide local directions, act as fitness trainers or even tell us about the stars. But somehow, we still dont see enough research coming through to tackle the most basic of issues. We are talking here about a mobile phone’s battery life and storage woes. With a drive for resolving such issues, many app developers came out with solutions like battery saver apps and small-time startups went ahead offering free cloud storage services. But did that really address the core problem. Not exactly, apps can marginally make a difference to save power for most users and limited data plans on one hand coupled with network range gripe on the other, leaves a resource like cloud computing in bit of a blur.

Mophie Space Pack

While Wi-fi drives are pocketable but have short battery lives for both requiring to be paired via Wi-fi to work. A fix that can really bring us to the epicenter of the issue has now been addressed. Been there as a standard for battery cases, surmounting competition from the ever-evolving market filled with portable battery banks and other charging options, Mophie has come out with a unique solution for these two issues to a closer equilibrium of merging three features in a single device. Well, you heard it right, more battery and space thats what Mophie’s Space Pack serves out in aplomb; lets not forget its a case too.

This year at CES, Mophie released its Space Pack series for iPhone 5/5S leaving no opportunity at claiming this product to be a first of its kind. The case, with an in-built battery and storage space, comes with a micro USB cable for charging and data syncing. This charging case has two storage options; rightly in the capacity of 16gb and 32gb, with dual colour options; black and white. The body of this case is made of glossy plastic which shines on the exterior.It has 4 LED indicators on the back which ranks the battery life on counts of LEDs lit. It shows the power backup on it at the touch of a button. There is a small slide switch to turn on the charging.The inside of the casing is having a lightening connector at the bottom which links the phone to the case for charging battery or using the storage space on the case. When the case is on, a user cannot use the standard Apple charger to charge and sync the phone; it converts the Lightning connector to a micro USB jack using the supplied cable for charging the case. While the specifics on the capacity of the battery state 1700mAH claiming to double the battery life of the iPhone seeing it run through the whole day.

The uber feature on this device is, undoubtedly, its inhouse storage space which is a wow factor for all iPhone users who face limitations of storing their favourite music, books, movies on base models or likewise. While the extra space is a very unique idea and a boon for data storing users, there is a small bump on our road to discovery; and which is; this extra storage wont merge with the existing storage on your iPhone but will show as separate drive accessible via their app called ‘Space’. Through this app, a user can access and use their photos, music, videos and other files on the go. Mophie advises users to copy all their photos, music, videos on iPhone and dump them on the Mophie Space Pack thereby releasing good amount of space on the iPhone. This can be a productive asset because the data is accessible and usable on the phone without the need for connecting to any Cloud service or external air drives. Another distinctive attribute of this case is that it can be connected to a PC or Mac and it will recognise it as an external drive for you to dump all your data without the need of syncing it to iTunes. The Space app will distinguish these files and display the data according to various sub-apps(music,video,photos,documents etc) within its arsenal. This case can be swapped to be used on other phone and data from that phone can be copied over which is also helpful in exchanging data with other iPhone 5/5S users.

The Mophie Space Pack is available on pre-order for $149.95 on 16gb model and $179.95 for 32gb with shipping starting from March 14,2014. The availability and pricing factor are yet not known for the Indian sub-continent.

While the world might be going gaga over pimping their iPhones with innumerable trends available online and all over. A few might have expected such an amazing New Year Surprise from Mophie. There might be certain limitations to the way it works but it certainly hits the point of extending the usability and deriving the most out of your favourite smartphone. It is a gadget thats breaking dawn on 2014, a promising one at that, with a thriving year ahead to unfold