Why to switch iOS 7 to Android 4.4: We know Apple Fan boys wont agree, have a read


As the technology is becoming more and more advanced the field of mobile operating system is also witnessing a great change. Till few years back only a handful of mobile operating systems were in place but now there are plenty of options that can be explored. Currently the two top most used mobile operating systems in the world are Android and iOS.

Till few years back Applea��s mobile operating system that is iOS was quite popular and later it was challenged by Android and now it is one of the most popular and widely used ones. Here are some solid reasons on why to switch iOS 7 to Android 4.4.

Home screen and lock functions

Android 4.4a��s home screen is straightforward as all you need is to move your finger into any direction and the phone gets unlocked. Though iOS home screen is also simple to unlock but it only gets unlocked when you tap on the slide to unlock.

Though people say that Applea��s iOS appearance and customization is stylish and fresh but Android 4.4 seems to have adapted to a more practical approach rather than concentrating on looks and designs.

Apple IOS 7.1

Notifications and quick control options

The quick control and notification options offered by iOS looks more colorful where as Android 4.4 has got a dull look. Though both of these mobile operating systems have got toggles attached to it but the iOS has got more fresh appeal and it looks more appealing to the eyes.

Another important part that we need to check is the keyboard and messaging part. Well the keyboard and messaging offered by Android 4.4 that is also called as Kitkat is easy to use. It is wider and more comfortable as compared to Applea��s iOS 7.

Android 4.4 Kit Kat
Contacts and dialer options

Well here Android 4.4 scores more as compared to Applea��s iOS 7 because the contacts and dialer option offered by Android Kitkat is more user friendly and full of information. Moreover Android looks smarter that allows you to search for phone numbers of nearby businesses and other related venues. All you need to do is to type in the name of the business or bank and contact details for the nearby businesses or banks will be displayed in front of your screen.

Email and Productivity tools

Though setting up of email account with both operating systems is an easy and simple process but Android 4.4 allows you to directly configure your Gmail or Yahoo Mail account. There is a special Gmail app which comes pre-loaded with all Android based phones now and there is no need to download this app separately.

Productivity tools offered with Kitkat are more dynamic as compared to iOS7. You can also synchronize the calendar app with the cloud and even set reminders and alerts as per your requirement.

Hence you can very well judge that why Android 4.4 scores more than iOS7 and this is the reason there are many smart phone users which are shifting their interests towards Android Kitkat mobile operating system.