Why Is India Always Last to Receive New cell phones


We say India is growing and developing as a nation, but is it really the truth? We live under a great dome of here say where we are made to believe that India is gaining reputation as one of the great nations with a powerful economy, a great market but then why are we always neglected when it comes to all the good stuff. Not going into the economic and political factors here since this post is to do with electronics and mobiles.

mobile phones India Always Last

Let us consider some examples so that you will understand better what I am trying to portray here. Nokia recently held a world event where they released three new products in their premium Lumia range namely the Nokia Lumia 1520, the Nokia Lumia 1320, both Phablets and the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet. Agreed that Nokia is a global company, but then why not release these 3 amazing products in US and European markets first and not in India. There are people who yearn to buy premium Nokia products here as well. So we do not find it fair at all that India Always Last in the queue.
Secondly let’s take the case of Apple. Considered that Apple does not have that many consumers and users in India, but still India has a great premium market where people actually want to buy the premium Apple products. The iPhone 5 was launched in India had many takers, but it has been over 2 months now since the launch of iPhone 5S and 5C but there is still no signs of these products here as of yet. Also Apple launched the iPad Air and the iPad Air mini which are also slated to launch in the US in the coming weeks, but still no India. I do not really care about anything where it launches elsewhere all over the world, but we want these products here in India.

The third case is Google which has angered me a lot, literally. I am seriously fuming with anger here and if you were here poking me, I might actually poke you with my fork. Okay that was a bit too much maybe, but my point is that, Google makes this one amazing product namely the Nexus 5 made and distributed by LG. I even in my fit of rage tried to send a firing mail to Google complaining about this and then I even found some really amazing loopholes, or rather precautions taken by Google. I will get to it in a moment. The Nexus 5 though has not been officially launched, Google are planning to launch it in the US first and then in the European markets, but again there is no mention of India anywhere.
Now coming to the loophole / precaution, I was checking out a way to email Google or the Nexus branch complaining as to their neglect towards India. When I checked out Google search, their websites, etc. I found out that there are absolutely no options where you can email them to let them know our concerns. Now this is really shitty as hell, isn’t it? So they can just as easily do whatever they want and do not care for customer feedback at all.
I am greatly disappointed today, and I really don’t know what you feel about this, but let us know what you think down below in the comments section and then maybe we can get a campaign up to get these powerhouses to our land of gold here. So are you all with me?