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Late for your office or school? Moreover, wondering when the next pick up going to be there, here is the solution TRANSIT APPLICATION by Sam Vermette. The application is designed to inform  your location and nearby transport service available in due time. A well-designed and well-executed application supported with a good colour scheme, quick searches. The application to start tracks your location and also searches nearby transport service possible also the app lets you see all the data via a map plug-in provided by the author. The application can be controlled using hand gestures and can allow you to select various other possible routes to reach your destination.

This free application will help you plan your trip as per schedules in real time. Transit App provides you with schedules, itineraries, direction to follow and suggested route. Transit App has more to offer which you can try out with the subscription, which will give you routes, schedules in a 1.5Km radius, unlimited trip planning, favorites etc.

Transit App


  • Real-time transport vehicle locations.
  • New Mode/ settings let you disable some modes within the application transit agency.
  • Auto-complete suggestions of locations (added new locations).
  • In nearby mode, taking into account departure time, mode (subway vs. bus), distance and favorites.
  • An application supported by maps & various route selection opportunities.
  • Offset your location from any stop on an itinerary path.
  • Lightening fast searches.
  • Offline support provided to the application.

Transit App


The application is aided with good custom icons and colour schemes to make the application more appealing and easy to use. The application has simple controls as said in various reviews. The application provides you to map your way to your desired destination with various modes and settings you can help yourself at the time of emergency. Easy to access application has limited counties to support. The application is freely available on android and apple market. Android phones require 2.3 or higher software version and it requires~3Mb of phone space for apple store the application ~4Mb and requires on all OS above 6. The application is compatible with all latest devices and works perfect for most of them without any glitch.

Transit App


The application is latched with very good features and many bugs have been removed. The latest version is still free, but for more advance option, you still need to buy its subscription. The application is limited to few country transport databases since release the count has not increased. The reviews provided by various users, especially the once who have used it have rated it high and given a phenomenal ratings. As for my talk I rate this application 7 out of 10 as it is one of a kind, but taking into account its support to particular countries the ratings drop down to 5. Hope to see this application running for Indian Transport service one day.

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