TouchPico a new portable projector for android devices


Projectors the word when under in any conversation makes on imagine a theater, a personal cinema house. When we came across this little gem we were taken aback and the name just made it even more intriguing for us. A Pico projector is a versatile and easily portable. By a Singapore touch-jet company. They are lightweight and compact making it simple to carry them, and despite their small size these projectors offer good quality brightness and resolution for the image.



Pico projectors can throw large images from a reasonable distance. It has high contrast ratio, brightness and resolution to get the best image quality.


This is a mini projector which is small and weighs less, simple and convenient to carry in a bag just pop it in your carry bag and be on your way..


This mini projector offers several different options for connecting variety of external devices such as smartphones, ipods, DVD players and more.

Touch pico projector

This brings attention from 5- inch smartphone screen to a regular 854*480 pico projector capable of projecting up to an 80 inch image and loaded with Android 4.2 on it. Right of the projector lens there is a infrared camera. These infrared camera tracks the tip of the special stylus and allows to draw or tap on the wall and interact with Android. Places tapped are automatically converted into their touch equivalent by Touch Picoa��s system. On the top of the projector there is an auto calibration system which once set for first time can keep the touch and projection layers synchronized even when projector moved closer or away from the projected wall. Even the angle does not matter. Its brightness is rated at 100 lumens and can through up images as large as 60 inches in diameter. This projector can also be used to stream from Mac and windows PC over Wi-Fi.


It has Wi-Fi, micro SD socket, HDMI input , AV input, USB OTG port and an audio output. There is no Bluetooth which is a drawback as it cannot be used to connect up a wirless keyboard and use touch pico as an desktop alternative.

Battery life

It has 45minutes battery life.

It is good for presentation and maybe few games. A perfect pocket friendly device.