Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 1st week December 2015


As the end of the month of November approaches ita��s advised that you keep your phone updated on the latest apps. Apps are very essential for any phone to operate, though not all the very essential.Determining the best app for you to download in this month might be quite hectic that is why we came in handy to provide for this list of the most Eminent for you to download in your phone. Our list is a combination of the top paid and top free from all the genres. Here are the top 5 apps that should not miss on the start screen of your Windows Phone

lumia 640Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 1st week December 2015

1. Calgary Flames.
On top of our list is an app that if you are a football fanatic then you must have it in your Windows Phone. This apps keeps you updated on the latest live scores of your favourites matches. This app also allows you to post comments on the live scores results attained per every match. Its one of the simplest apps to use. If you also like betting then this apps can also be best for you.

2. Box.
This is one of the apps that you must have in your windows .This app allows for safe keeping of your files and even you can share the files to specific people. This supports various formats files such as Excel, word and even PDF. Whenever you want to retrieve your files back in order to use them there is no need of downloading them, you therefore do not need data for you to access the files. This is one of the highly rated apps in the Windows Store.

3. Money Mgr.
This is one of the top apps that has got unique design that is really alluring .This apps enables you to manage your money by coming up with an appropriate budget for it. It gives you access to both the BECU and non-BECU financial accounts. You can then come up with an appropriate budget gauging in your expenditure behaviour straight away from your phone.

4. Kicknotes.
It is a high time you really need to embrace digitalization and technology wholly. Thata��s why in this last week of November app developers have gone ahead to come with this amazing app that allows you to take notes whenever in a meeting or in class. It also provides maximum security to your notes thus ensuring privacy. It is also has voice command thus allowing you to convert voice notes to text notes.

5. Learn Programming with Swift.
This is one of the most top apps that computer science students and even experts should have. This app allows you to learn computer programming in the simplest way possible. This apps is equipped with amazing concepts such as control flow, collections and functions for you to master. Having this app in your phone you can really learn a lot at any time .This app is downloaded for free in the Windows Store.
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