Top 5 reason to buy Nokia XL : A Budget Friendly Phone


After the successful launch of Nokia X by Nokia on 24 February 2012 Nokia has came up with its higher version Nokia XL which maximises the features of Nokia X family to its full potential. Unlike its elder sibling Nokia X it features 5.0 inch screen while as Nokia X has got only 4 inch screen. Little improvement in RAM has also been seen in Nokia XL which has been upgraded from 512 MB to 768 MB.
Other much more features have been improved like flaunting a 2MP front camera for video calling, etc and 5MP back camera. Ita��s just like that Nokia is experiencing a roller coaster ride since past few years but we cana��t deny that their product have still got that spark which melts the hearts of Nokia fans worldwide. Nokia XL has still got the moves which make us to buy this Smartphone. Discover the top 5 reasons for buying Nokia XL Smartphone here.

Nokia XL

1. Dual interface Taste: You might be already known with the fact but let me remind you Nokia XL is not just an android Smartphone. It has got a windows phone interface but from core it functions on an android platform. You will never get a chance of tasting the two giant platforms in a single Smartphone. It is highly appreciable and stunning move from Nokia which cana��t be ignored. Nokia XL just changed the whole scenario and imagination of people and its competitors and proved that there cana��t be just the same single UI of Android platform which every manufacturer is showing off out there. Nokia has surely gone successful in reminding its competitors that android is still AOSP project which can be trimmed the way we want to get the best out of it.

2. Long Lasting: The battery life of Nokia XL has been considerably increased than the rest of the Nokia X family members. Rest of the members were resting on 1500mAh battery but now Nokia XL has got 2000mAh battery which is quite good. The most amazing thing about its battery life is that it gives 12 hours of continuous backup even if you are browsing the web all time. Out of all the Smartphonea��s from all the companies under this range, Nokia XL gives the best battery backup than the rest of the all.

3 Built Design: Nokia XL has moved 1inch forward than the rest of its X fellows, It sports a 5 inch large display with crisp display quality. Moreover it weighs 190 g and is 10.9mm thick. It comes in variety of colours so that you can choose the colour of your own taste. Bothe volume button and power button have been placed on the right brim of the phone. It has just got a compact slab built design which will surely adore all of you

4. Price: Out of the all the mid range Smartphonea��s present in the market, this is the most affordable and power packed performer you can ever get. Ita��s currently available in the market at price range of 10141 rupees and with features far better than a 20k Smartphone. Ita��s amazing to get QUALCOMM snapdragon s4 play along with cortex A5 processor. Ita��s the must have Smartphone for tech lovers and people who want to do tasks without lagging.

5. Supervision of Tech genius Nokia: As already seen in symbian platform Nokia held it to the end with great trust and responsibility. Nokia has got this thing very nice that they are much more secure than any other brand. They are working hard on making your own app store for your Nokia X family so that you dona��t have to wander on suspicious websites. In short, ita��s obviously clear to you that why should you go for Nokia XL rather than going for any other Smartphone.