Top 5 games for Windows Phone 8.1 for 3rd week of April 2015


Have you got a Windows phone? Then let’s give it a boost with fun thrilling games.The best part of free games is that they come for free. And the terrible part is about free games are that they are most the time terrible. Just Joking! But the fun part is that you can get your hands swish over the screen and enjoy your free time on different types of games.Our Phonelane Editors have searched in depth and played on these games and treasured the best of all in the list. We recommend you the stuffs that give you the best entertainment and fun. So here they are.

Windows Phone 10

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The standard Microsoft practical strategy permit is born again on Windows Phone as city construction matter with battle elements- it’s much more like a Clash of Clans. Despite the strong influence (and the dodge away from object tactics), it holds a solid historical story plot which makes the game interesting and gives a lot more things to fill spare moments during your day as you step into the future every day and spend no more money.

Crush your opponents’ vehicles into bits of scrap and execute the impossible mid-air stunts with magnificently rendered cars and other vehicles. It’s what all of you might always dream of – handling luxurious cars and wrecking them without splashing out your pocket. You don’t even have to spend any cent on this game too.

Similar to most of the released Gameloft games, Blitz Brigade is much more virtualistic in design: it designs and story plot is somewhat similar in action and story similar to Team Fortess 2. But with the Windows Phone, it’s effortlessly the finest free option more or less for multiplayer shootouts. The main characters’ action is quite smooth and engaging, and at the same time balancing issues come with the fermium territory and you will wait enough to respawn exclusive of cashing, Blitz Brigade is very much interesting and fun to spend during free time.

While you are in space, everyone gets dumb as no one can even hear you even if you scream. But you can sure clash with the aliens and other creepy eerie things around in a compact mode with your thumbs. Or the fingers, doesn’t matter what makes it float your boat in space. This game shoot’em up needs dexterous fingers to steer your ship roughly through enemy’s firing. A swift discharge of the thumb will activate an armoury which includes sharp edged missiles and grenades and ammo, destroying the whole lot in its conduit.

Scythe and Slash and gain XP experience points. Soak them and go over. The game play begins with you awakening with super powers and having a kingdom of your own. It’s fun and adventurous throughout the game. Well it’s not for real fans of Dungeon Crawlers. It’s all about looting and moving around the Dungeon. Well it can make your free time.