Top 5 Games For iOS | iPhone 6 for 2nd Week October 2015


Games are being developed day and night and in the recent times malwares have also evolved inform of games that is why you must be cautious when downloading this games .This week is one of the awesome weeks that you need not to get bored after your office and school work that’s is why we come in handy with a list of amazing and top games for you which are of the latest release. Its quit cumbersome to determine the best game for yourself this week in the iTunes that’s is why we have an awesome list for you for the best games this week. Here is a list of our top 5 games this 2nd week of October.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

1. Leave Me Alone
This is an amazing game and most fantastic for you this month. This is just a latest release of the game that basically involves skate boarding a combat to perform tricks, drink soda and kick asses all over. This game has got 21 levels and missions to accomplish in each level. You have to unlock the various powerful skills during the game play. This game is only acquired for $1.99 in the iTunes .If you are a hardcore gamer then this is the best game for you to play.

2. Go Go Go Penguins-Super Penguin and Penguin Run.
If you are a great fun of penguins and you also love puzzle games then here is the best game for you. This game basically involves helping the penguin escape from the polar bear by solving various puzzles. This game has got awesome graphics and very easy and simple touch and tilt control. There are a lot of power ups and levels for you to play. This game is downloaded at a fee of only $0.99 in the iTunes store.

3. Total Defense.
This is the top action game for this 2nd week of October. This game basically involves going to battles and having a good plan in defense strategies .There are awesome levels all equipped with grand battles to play. This game has got perfect and eye catching graphics for you to play. There are various tactics to play at each difficult level. Having 60 levels and 4 islands it surely will keep you busy to play. This game is acquired for free in the iTunes but some items are purchased using real money.

4. Figgo the Flea.
This is another addictive game for you with amazing features. This is a kid friendly game that your main goal is to help Figgo jump from head to head spreading the flea eggs. This game has got multiple challenging levels with tantalizing graphics .This game is downloaded or free in the iTunes store there just log in to get one.

5. Burger Delivery Game.
This is the most amazing simulation game for you this 2nd week of October. In this game you won a restaurant where you have to serve all your customer and even deliver some burger. This game has got amazing graphics with over 20 levels to play with increasing difficulty. This game is downloaded for free in the iTunes.