Top 10 Wireless headphones for Samsung Galaxy S5 : The perfect companion


Samsung Galaxy s5 is the latest flagship of Samsung Android market .It has developed vey huge respect for its quality as Samsung Smartphone’s mostly their high range Smartphone’s are known for their quality of hardware and software combination. Some new trendy features have evolved from Samsung in their present favourite Galaxy s5 like its water resistance.

In this revolutionized trend of the ongoing generation hanging wires has became old school. The latest headphones have been devised for Galaxy s5 and have got strong Bluetooth connectivity to give you uninterrupted coverage. As its time to move on, we are also here with some trendy Bluetooth headphones to make your choice easy and pull you out from the bunch of wires. Watch out the list of top 10 best Bluetooth headphones below:

Samsung Galaxy S5

1. Masterphonic HDS10: This wireless Bluetooth has got very attractive design. It provides high quality music streaming sound and good noise free voice calling. It has got Bluetooth version 2.0 which can connect with any Bluetooth enabled device. It also allows you to make and take calls even when listening to music. It’s a best buy headset at price range of 31.92USD.

2. Avantree Hive: It is a power boosted, super sized Bluetooth headphone which provides clear transmission of voice calls and rich quality music. It has got auto connection feature so no need to connect it again and again. You can also use it with devices without Bluetooth by attaching cord. It works on Bluetooth v4.2 and you can continuously listen to music and make calls for 18 hours. It’s available at a price range of 43.68 USD and it’s obviously value for money.

3. KitSound Manhattan: These are fully loaded bass and treble wireless headphone ready to blast in your ears. If you want the best music quality at this price, it’s the best. Like all other Bluetooth enabled headphones it also gives 18 hours of music stand by. Its voice calling feature is also quite clear and of superior quality. Instead of spending 100$ you can get this beast around price range of 50.39 USD only.

4. RevJams Xec: This wireless Bluetooth headphone is packed with high definition sound quality. It works on latest Bluetooth v3.0 and supports wide range of devices. It has got brilliantly designed light weight structure to make you feel comfortable. It gives 8 hours of music playing time and calling. It is embedded with noise cancellation microphone for high quality calling. You can also control volume on your headphone directly. It has got nice overall performance and is available at a price range of 59.95 USD.

5. Plantronics Black Beat 903+: 63.95$ It’s a sneaky, light weight Bluetooth headset designed for hanging out, enjoying the beat under sun. It has been mostly created for design. Its adjustment is very flexible and you can wear it the way you want. It gives rich music experience has got alerts for range, battery, and other essential notifications, etc. It’s available to you at a price range of 63.95 USD.

6. Avantree Audition Over-ear: Avantree is hidden from nobody. It’s also a member of well known Avantree. It works on latest version 4.0 Bluetooth. It’s over the ear feature is worth admiring as it gives very comfortable feel along with light weight quality. It houses few easy to use buttons on ear cup which allows you to change song, play/pause and change volume. It has got an incredible battery backup of 40 hrs. It’s battery backup and Bluetooth technology makes it worth the price. It is available at a price range of 83.99 USD.

7. Blue Tiger Sound Trax: It is a multifunctional Bluetooth stereo head set with high music clarity. It is embedded with a microphone which allows you to talk with your friends in crystal clear voice. It has got an additional feature of directly connecting micro sd card with it so you don’t need to connect it to the device every time. It gives a very long backup of 30 hours. It perfect for jogging and other physical fitness activities. It is available at an affordable price range of 99.95 USD.

8. Motorola SF600: These are just amazing sports Bluetooth headsets you would ever need. They are designed from Kevlar fibre for its strength. Its sweat proof feature makes it perfect for gym and other activities. Its music quality is high definition and is based on higher version of Bluetooth to produce good sound. It is available at a price range of 99.95 USD.

9. Motorola S11 Flex: 109.95$ It’s a good sound quality wireless Bluetooth headphone. The only thing bad about it is its high price. Just like its other variant it is also sweat proof and durable. It has got an amazing dual mic technology which clarified your voice calling. The other additional mic is for voice cancellation. Its dual mode enables you to pair too devices simultaneously but this feature works for calls only. It is available to you at a price range of 109.95 USD which is quiet high but still manageable.

10. Supertooth Freedom: This huge priced wireless Bluetooth headset is an all in one headset and you can use it with any Bluetooth enabled device. It has got very attractive design and produces brilliant quality of sound. These royal headphones deliver 15 hours music playback and are available at a price range of 334.95 USD.