Top 10 Best Entertainment Apps for Android


One is of the biggest purpose of smartphones is entertainment and there is just a lot that you can do with your phone. And since Android is the biggest OS in the smartphone business as it has a huge user base and apps present for it, we are going to check out the top 10 best entertainment apps for Android.


Imdb for Android

This is the database for all the movie lovers and movie buffs. All the movies released in the past and that are about to release in the future that have been declared and listed are all present here in this app. So you can keep and check on all the latest things in the movie arena and also keep a watch on new movies, rate the movies you have watched or search for some great movies for you to watch. This is an all in one complete app for everything about movies for you.

Hulu Plus:

Hulu Plus

This is a great app for all the TV lovers where you can now watch your favourite and the latest episodes on demand on your Android devices. Not only that but you can also watch movies, trailers, webisodes, clips, etc. as well. Have then streamed right on your Android device and enjoy the show. The best part is that with one subscription you can enjoy this on your Xbox and other devices as well.


Netflix Android

Netflix is another great online streaming media provider. It works the same way as Hulu but has a much bigger database present. But one thing here is that this is an exclusive movies only streaming service. You can get a subscription for this on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis and enjoy unlimited movies in that period.


Gigbox for Android

This is a great app for those who like live action. This is in the sense for those who love live gigs like concerts. You can use this app to subscribe to your favourite shows and concerts or bands that you love and then this app will provide you with updates and reminders when your favourite is in town or playing near you.


Bitstrips for Android

This is a great app with an amazingly unique concept. Here you can create an avatar of yourself and then it makes great funny comic strips starring you in it. It is very entertaining and funny and provides for some great entertainment. You should surely try this out.


Pandora for Android

This is a great internet radio service that brings to you the best and the latest of your favourite to you. If you are new here, all you need to do is punch in the name of your favourite band or artists and Pandora will create a personalised radio station just for you depending on your likes and favourites for your own personalised radio experience.


Gmote for Android

This is a great remote for your PC to control the media library and music and video playback on your PC via Bluetooth of Wi-Fi. In this all you need to do is install the app and its PC client on your Windows or Mac which finishes off in a couple of minutes and then you can use your Android device as a remote of your PC. Another great thing about this is that you can also stream music from your PC to your device as well.



If you are using multiple photo sharing apps like Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, etc. then in that case this is a very amazing app that can be useful for you. This app compiles all your other apps into one and from this app you can share you pics simultaneously or singly to various services. The best part is that you just need to sign in once and forget this as the app stores your credentials and hence you need not keep going through the hassles of various apps.


Shazam for Android

This is a great music service where you hear a song, and you don’t recognise it, so you just switch on Shazam and then this app will listen to the music and recognise the song immediately and provide you with all its details. And then now that you know the song, you can easily download it from the internet.


YouTube for Android

This is maybe the best entertainment app present. You can find videos for just about everything here and stream the videos and watch them free of cost. So if you want to see a video of a song or how to bake a cake or even tying your shoelace on the move for that matter, you will find it here on YouTube.

We checked out the 10 best entertainment apps present for Android. There are many more in this list as well, but we have put out the top 10 which are the most effective and enjoyable of them all as well as popular. So you can get all these apps on your Android device and get the most out of your phone. Do comment below to let us know what you feel about this and if there are any other entertainment apps that you feel are better.