Top 10 Android Apps of November 2013


Android OS has the biggest app store out there and there are always new apps continuously being updated to the list. There are some apps that have established themselves as all-time favourites and then there are some which are launched and become very popular and then they are replaced by some other app in the future. This keeps changing every month as new apps come and the old apps become, well, old. So we are going to check out the top 10 Android apps for the month of November 2013.



This is the cloud app for Android and the undisputed champion for Android. This app will always anytime of the year however old it is make it in the top 10 because that is how awesome it is. It provides you with 5 GB of storage so that you can keep your stuff safe and backed up on the server. And that is not all; it is free of cost and also it has tie-ups with some companies like HTC and Samsung for upto 25 GB of storage.

ES File Explorer:

ES File Explorer

One of the biggest in demand apps, the ES File Explorer is a complete file explorer app for Android that allows you to seamlessly and easily manage all your files and folders like you would do on your PC. Also it has options to share the files via Bluetooth and other means as well and also attach them via email which is really great. Other than that it also detects and supports memory cards so that you can manage them too.



This is a classic note taking app in which you can take notes, make to-do lists and a lot more that you can do with a notebook. It is like your daily driving pocket notebook in which you can take everything down and make sure you miss none of what you have to do or your wife tells you. You do not want to sleep on the couch now, is it?

Firefox Browser:

Firefox Android

One of the most popular browsers on PC is now on Android and it is amazing. It is smooth, light and lightning fast and also supports flash. So now your browsing experience is not limited to only Opera or Chrome, but you have options now if the others start troubling you.



This is maybe the best news reader out there with a whole plethora of sources available at its disposal. There are many other readers as well, but what makes this the best and most popular is because it even works internationally and hence can cover a lot more content. Also when it comes to absorbing content, this is the best one out there. And when we actually see it, the aesthetic value of Flipboard is high than any other new reader on the store.

Google Chrome:

android chrome browser

The best and most popular browser on the PC is available on Android and what better news there could be than this. This solves many of the issues that Android users had with their stick Android browser and this browser has become just so popular that now many of the OEMs are giving Google Chrome in-built in their Android system so that users dona��t have to go through the entire hassle of downloading.


Helium for Android

This is actually a dark horse as it is not much heard of but when we checked it out, it was the best backup app ever. And we are not just saying it. This app is so awesome that it lets you take the backup of anything in your device like contacts, apps, anything and everything. And all this is not on its server but on your memory card and your PC both. Also this app does not require root to perform this and is the best solution for a non-rooted device.


Netflix Android

The very popular online movie service coming with its app on Android, why would it not be the best thing ever? Well, it is the best thing, and now also with many devices sporting big screen and Full HD displays, it only makes more sense to watch the amazing movies on your cell. Now we all know why it is so popular.

Poweramp Music Player:

Poweramp MusicPlayer for Android

This is a paid app for sure but the money spent on this thing is totally worth it as it is the best ever music player app out there for Android. It can play each and every music playback format out there and if something new comes up, you can be sure that its new update will cover that one too. Also it has a huge equalizer also with which you can play with the sounds for your music the way you like it. What more do you even require?


swiftkey logo

For all those who got the chatting bug, they can now chat even faster and better and well, with greater ease. Even the Swiftkey is a paid app but it is also worth every penny that you might spend on this thing. It has the swipe keyboard and the best text dictionary and prediction for over 30 languages. It learns as you go and provides word predictions as you type so that you dona��t even have to type much.

So these are the top 10 android apps for the month of November 2013. There are many other apps which are great to but these apps are just amazing and the highest rated ones on the Play Store. So comment down below and let us know what you feel about this list and which other apps should have had made in this one and why.