Tips to print data from your android phones


With the big screen phone and tablets, uses of printers have been minimized now your smartphones will help you to print the data or document from anywhere and when you reach home you can collect your printed data, isn’t it amazing? Want to know how you can print document from anywhere through your smartphone, then lets start with it.

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is now available from Google Play to help you out with the printing your document in convenient and easy manner. You can download Cloud print app from Play store and install it in your device. You need to associate your printer with the Google account and this can be done with the help of Google Cloud Print enabled printer or by activating Cloud print support in Google Chrome by connecting your printer to a computer. Now download and install Google Cloud Print App for Android and now open a page which you want to take print of, share that page to Cloud Print app by Share button available in the app and now you can print your page with the given printer. Chrome and Cloud print app account should be same to let this procedure happen. As Cloud Print works over the internet, so you can use this app from anywhere and your print can be taken from the printer associated with the account.

Print to PDF

You can also use another method to print your data but this is not much effective like of previous one but can be useful when most needed. If you need to print any web page or document all you need to do is convert your webpage or document in to PDF file and from there you can give print option. Android does not provides print option in its app so you need to convert your data in to PDF and get it printed and this can be done even if you do not have internet on your device. Cloud Print App also allows you to save your document as PDF file by just tapping the Share button and save the document to Google Drive and there you can save your document as PDF file and you can give print option from Google Drive easily.

Print to Specific Brands of Printer

Now a day there are many wirless printers are launched, which can connect your computer to connect them wirelessly and same way your Android phone can also be connected with this wireless printers and can be used for printing. Now there are many wireless printers which are associated with Google and the apps are available in the Google play, so check with the printer manufacturer and download the app and you can use this app anywhere anytime to give printing command to your associated printers.

Print Directly to USB, Bluetooth, or Networked Printer

If you have printer which is connected with the network or you can say LAN or it is connected with the Bluetooth then you can also use USB cable to connect your phone to the printer and the save the data in the computer and give the print command from the computer. You can also use Bluetooth connection or Wireless printer which connects via Bluetooth but all this printers are not supported by Android, so you need to setup Cloud print on your computer and then you can give print to the associated printer. To print directly with these printers you may need to use third-party app but there is no reliable app provided by Google to cope up with this type of printers. USB connection is the simple and appropriate method to connect your phone and give print.