Tips On How to unlock the bootloader for Sony Xperia Z and ZL


If your Sony Xperia Z or ZL is locked with carrier then you can unlock the bootloader of your phone and be free from the carrier contract. Here we will discuss about the steps involved in unlocking the bootloader. Before we start you must know that doing this will void your warranty and also all your data will be lost so create a backup of the data and then proceed forward.

Sony Xperia ZL

Sony Xperia ZL

  1. Before we start with the process of unlocking please note down the IMEI number of your phone by moving in settings about phone >> status and find IMEI number
  2. You need to visit this site on your computer for further instruction.
  3. Now on that page you need to scroll down to this page and click on Start Unlocking the Bootloader.
  4. Read the terms and condition properly and then click to proceed or accept.
  5. You will be prompt with Create Unlock Request page and there you will have to put IMEI number which we have noted down earlier and also you will be asked with other info so fill in the details too like email id and other so fill it properly as you will be sent a email from Sony regarding the unique unlock key and you have to save this key.
  6. Now download Fastboot folder and save it to desktop.
  7. Now in the Fastboot folder you need to extract the file and extract all and open fastboot folder and now hold shift and right click on the background of this folder and select Open command prompt from there.
  8. In command prompt you will find a window appeared and there you need to type the following with small change, you should replace word KEY with unlock key you received via email from Sony and push enter button.

fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY

After this device will restarted and you will find that your phone is unlocked the bootloader.