The best 5 games for Samsung galaxy star pro s7260


Gaming on Android has evolved a lot over the years and today the Android Play Store holds the record for the highest number of gaming titles. So anyone out there with an Android phone is sure to never get bored ever wherever he is. Just need to make sure there is enough juice in the phone and you are ready to go. But it so happens that some phones, which are just the entry level phones do not have that much of horsepower in them to run the heavy graphic intensive games. That does not mean the user of those phones should not have the joy of gaming.

So here we are compiling a list of 5 best games for the Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260 (very big name, we know). This is an entry level Android phone with some very basic specs like a 1 GHz processor, no GPU and 512 MB of RAM. So with this specs, some games that can run smoothly and are fun to play with have been compiled here.

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260

1. Zombie Dash: If you are the fans of end of the world zombie games, then you are surely going to love this one. It is not a very complicated game and is very similar to many other video games but with a new concept. You control your zombie killer or avatar in the game and more forward by jumping gaps and collecting power ups. And in the way you meet many zombies as well, so for that you use the gun that you have and shoot all the zombies. It is amazing fun, and it is good looking as well as light on the graphics so as to easily run on this phone. You collect coins and then can upgrade your guns as well for better and faster and more fun way to kill zombies.

2. Mafia Shootout: If you are fans of first person gaming, then this is the game for you. Though it is not graphically that great to the eyes as compared to the Mafia on PC or gaming consoles, but still for an entry level Android phone, this is the juice for it. Where it lacks in graphics, it makes up for in gameplay and storyline. It is a very simple game to play and really enticing. The levels are also interesting and the options available in the game for various modes and guns, etc. are also pretty exciting. I doubt whether you can ever control yourself from stopping once you start playing.

3. Rollercoaster Revolution: We all must have played the rollercoaster run at some point of time in our life for sure. It was a very popular and hot java based game on the Nokia and Sony Ericson. Many a childhoods have been spent in playing that game controlling the rollercoaster over a maze of tracks that were stupidly horrendous, but that was the fun of that game. Now that game has been revamped and come for Android. The graphics of the game have not quite changed much at all but it has been optimized for the touchscreen and also there are some minor tweaks in it as well considering that it is from a different banner altogether, so it has been customised by them, for them that way.

4. Highway Racing: This is one awesome game if you are a fan of the classic road rage games. Drive through the dense traffic avoiding all the other cars and the hurdles in between the roads, collect money as you go and then work over different levels to win and complete the game. It is really easy to play this and it is a lot of fun as well. A real catcher and addicting game, you just have to give it a try and it will almost suck you into it. Along with that, it will also bring back some old memories as well of your childhood when you might have played this one on your consoles.

5. Defense Zone: This is a modern game based on strategy, more like age of empires but in modern times. It has pretty simple controls and has become a huge hit among strategic gaming fans. The best part is that this game is available in HD as well if you have a better phone, but this works on this phone as well with utter ease and smoothness as butter. So this is one game you really need to have.
We compiled a list of 5 games which are amazing fun to play on the Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7260. The above mentioned games can also be played on any other Android devices as well with similar or higher specs. So enjoy all your games and have loads of fun. You just wona��t have to spend another bore moment ever, and then it does not matter whether you are in the train, bus, or stuck in traffic, or are relaxing at work. Happy gaming!