The best 5 games to play on Samsung Galaxy Core


Android devices have over time developed a lot into gaming devices as well. Android has a huge app base and most of them are games. With new games adding to the database every single day, it is also dependant on the cell phones as to which ones suit the best for your phone depending on the phone hardware configuration. The heavy graphic intensive games are not that compatible with phones having small specs with small GPU, less RAM, etc.

The phone into question today is the Samsung Galaxy Core. It is a midrange device with 1.5 GHz Dual Core processor and Adreno 203 GPU coupled with 1 GB of RAM. Even though the RAM in the device is good enough, still the processor and GPU are not as superior as in the flagship Galaxy S4; hence not all games are compatible with it. So for this we are compiling the 5 best games for the Samsung Galaxy Core. Please note that popular games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Subway Surfer, etc. are not included as these games are compatible even with phones having seriously basic specs.

samsung galaxy core

1. Asphalt 7: Asphalt is a huge name in the mobile gaming arena. It has its roots from the basic java phones to the latest Android, iOS and now even for Windows Phone. This is one really great racing game that gets the heart pumping and the adrenaline soaring. It has amazing graphics and great sound that takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. The game is also really awesome where you race against opponents in different levels and different locations. You win races, earn money and then upgrade your vehicle or buy a new one. There a lot to be raced and a lot to be conquered. It is one game that can actually get you addicted. But the main thing that it works on this phone which does not has great specs is a huge thing because now everyone can enjoy this game. It has a free version which is really basic, but you can pay and get the whole game and enjoy.

2. Deadspace: This is an Electronic Arts creation, and when ita��s an EA game, you dona��t really have to think much as it is always a superb game. But Deadspace rules over them all. This is a very popular game on gaming consoles like the PlayStation and now it has even arrived for Android. Interesting that a game with some really classic controller and many options is it really possible to control it using a touchscreen? If this is a question in your mind, then completely wipe it off because it sure is possible and that too with quite ease. Deadspace is a true masterpiece with great visuals, gameplay, sound and light effects and once you play this game, your entire opinion about gaming on Android is sure to change.

3. Gangster Rio: City Of Saints: This is another very popular name in the mobile gaming arena. When GTA was released for PC and consoles, there was a huge demand for it on mobiles as well, but back then there was not so much of Android and heavy specs, but for that time Gangster game had arrived to the scene using simple but catchy basic graphics and amazing storyline and gameplay, it was termed as the GTA for mobiles. Now years down the line, it is back with a new name, a new story and new and amazing graphics to Android. The gameplay for this is as usual a very simple one and you can play this game very easily. Also even with great graphics, it is still light on the hardware and does not cause much load and hence there are almost no lags in it.

4. Dead Trigger: This game came out of nowhere to become one of the greatest hit games for Android. It is based on the concept of zombies where the world is taken over by them and you have to shoot and kill them all. The gameplay is pretty simple where you have to only shoot and you get money with which you can buy new and better guns and all. Also this is a free game but there are some in-house purchases where you can buy guns by paying actual money. But all in all this is a wonderful game and once you get hooked on to it, it is pretty hard to shake off it.

5. Need For Speed Most Wanted: The biggest PC racing sensation has come for the mobile platform and Need For Speed has created more waves than any other game maybe with its amazing graphics, great racing, and superb gameplay and controls. The game is so addictive that you might actually find pretty hard to stop yourself from not playing a�?just one more racea�?. Earlier the game had released under much fanfare but was a paid one. Then its toned down trial version was released with limited options and levels for free with an option to upgrade. The best part is this game even though being quite highly graphical, needs not more than 512 MB RAM to function properly so it can easily work on the Samsung Galaxy Core.
We checked out 5 best games for the Galaxy Core which run really good on the phone as well as are popular and fun to play. There are many other games available, but these 5 mentioned are one of the most popular ones on higher spec phones as well and they are compatible on this phone too is a big plus. If you do not happen to like these games, then there are many others as well available in the Google Play Store for free as well as paid versions, but the best of the lot have been mentioned here. So enjoy and happy gaming.