Steps on How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy J7


Unrooting is actually the process of returning your Samsung galaxy J7 to its original state by reinstalling it original stock firmware and removing the root. The main disadvantage about unrooting your phone is that it will never grant you the warrant of your phone that is why it’s very risky when you root your Samsung Galaxy J7.Unrooting of your Samsung Galaxy J7 is mainly done because of the following reasons. You can’t update the OS on of your rooted device hence you must unroot it in order to update. Here are the basic steps and procedures on how to unroot Samsung Galaxy J7.Unrooting your device also unbricks it if it was earlier on bricked.

samsung galaxy J7

Unroot Samsung Galaxy J7

1. You have to ensure that your device is fully charged .After this back up all of your documents since the procedures on unrooting your device will erase all of your important files in the device. Backing up of your document can be done using the TWRP software which you must download if you don’t have it.
2. Then you will have to install and download the USB drivers in your PC so as to enable it to recognize your Samsung device. The drivers supposed to be installed are the fast boot Drivers and a setup of ADB.
3. You will then enable the USB debugging mode in your phone by going to the setting and tap the build number 7 times which located in the about phone section. This will take you to the Go to developer section where you will enable the debugging mode.
4. You will have to download the ODIN flash tool which is required to flash you device. You will then install this tool in your PC and reboot your PC to ensure that the tool components are fully installed.
5. You will the turn off your Samsung J7 device and boot it in download mode by holding the volume down key +power button +home button.
6. Using the USB cable you will have to connect your Samsung device to the PC and Execute the ODIN.exe file in your PC.
7. In the ODIN screen you will have to select the AP option then the firmware file which you had extracted .After this you will start the flashing process by hitting on the Start screen button.
8. Your phone will then reboot automatically and you will therefore disconnect it to your PC. After this you device will be automatically unrooted.
Your phone is now completely unrooted and its now running on a stock ROM. If the above procedure fails then you can redo the procedure by restarting your phone in recovery mode first. The above procedure will not earn your phone warrant back. The above tutorial is highly recommend for your unrooting procedure. It can also apply when you want to unbrick your phone. Rooting of your phone is equally a dangerous process that can damage your phone to the extent that unrooting procedures can’t restore it.
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