Samsung Note III vs Sony Xperia Z1 – Full comparison



Sony Xperia Z1 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are the most awaited phone of this year and finally they have marked their presence in the market and collecting huge and positive market response, as the review of the phone is also very good so market response is holding tight each day. Both the Android phones exhibit the exceptional performance and specifications so leta��s have a brief discussion about these phones.

Quality and Design:

Samsung and Sony are the market leaders and they know the basics of marketing and so they have put lots of innovative factors in terms of looks and design of the phones. Both the phones have huge display, Samsung Note 3 looks very bulky but still they managed to keep this phone slim which makes this phone portable and most innovative part is back body of this phone which is leather material making this phone different from another Galaxy model.

Sony Z1 appears to be very stunning in looks and much advanced body structure than of Sony Z but comprises of glassy look at the front and rear same look of Sony Z and side rim is made of aluminum making this phone look better and much advanced than of rubber plastic.Both the phones are provided with advanced UI and multitasking features has been developed much more making this phone a masterpiece.

Note 3 vs Xperia Z1

Display and Processor:

As the screen is much bigger, according to the size both the masterpiece is provided with a good display and super powerful processor. When we talk about Sony Xperia Z1, screen size of this phone is 5 inch with Triluminous display with X-Reality engine making this phone to output real and sharper image so that every minute detail of the picture is very clear. 5 inch display with Full HD resolution and packed with 441 ppi is display feature which makes this phone to portray powerful display.

Samsung Note 3 is 5.7 inches phablet phone powered by super AMOLED display technology with Full HD resolution and pixel density marked as 386 ppi which makes this phone to portray the good image quality but not so sharp if we compare it with Sony Z1. Display of both the phones is big enough and allows you to work, entertain and play comfortably and see the details clearly.

When we talk about processors, Samsung Note 3 is packed with Exynos 5 chipset but this is network dependent as this chipset works well where an LTE network is not active so for Indian market Exynos 5 is the best fit and this chipset contains two quad-core processors making this phone lightning fast. Clocked speed of this phone is 1.9 GHz and 1.6 GHz which is the same processor present in Samsung S4.

Sony Z1 is packed with powerful Snapdragon 800 chipset having processor of 2.26 Quad-core making this phone as most powerful mobile processor in the world. So now you can imagine the performance of these phones. Apart phone powerful processors Sony Z1 is packed with 2GB RAM and Adreno 330 GPU which enhance graphics on this phone, while on other hand Samsung Note 3 is provided with 3GB RAM and powerful GPU making this phone much faster than of Sony Z1. With the help of this powerful hardware naturally the performance of the phone will rise and multitasking will improve.

Camera and Memory:

Camera and Memory is the main part to discuss and both the phones are powered with incredible camera functions. Samsung Note 3 is featured with 13 MP shooter, which is same like of Samsung S4. 13 MP camera allows you to click sharper images and Full HD videos and for video chat you can make use of 2MP front camera. The Sony Xperia Z1 is mastered with 20.7 MP camera with CMOS image sensors and lens of Z1 is featured with a G lens which is the best of Sony and no Smartphone is launched with such powerful camera sensor.

To save all the memories and your data you are provided with good memory in both the phones. Samsung Note 3 will come in two variants of 32 GB and 64 GB and while Sony Z1 will be 16 GB and both the phone can expand their memories with the help of MicroSD card.

Battery and Features:

With so much power we need powerful battery backup to back the phone properly and to fulfill this both the phones are provided with powerful battery, Samsung Note 3 is provided with 3200 mAh which will provide 20 hours of talktime. Sony Z1 is provided with 3000 mAh which will provide you with 22 hours of talk time which is really impressive.

Both the phones are so powerful so naturally will grab the mind of the users and maybe this is the reason for so much of popularity and market gain. All the features and specs have been detailed so now you can make a decision regarding each phone. Price of both the phone is different as Samsung is around 49000 rupees and whereas Z1 is around 43000 rupees which is the huge difference and can hamper the market of Samsung when we talk about price.