Samsung Galaxy S5 waterproofing failed: Yes it does happen


Samsung Galaxy s5 is the most up to date Smartphone from the Samsung s series so far. Besides its basic functions like 2G and 3G compatibility it also supports 4G LTE that is unbelievable. It has got many other amazing features like real fingerprint scanner which is PayPal certified, it has got the most latest Gorilla Glass 3 protection and a high quality 16 MP camera which is amazing. It has got loads of filters to apply on your photos and lot of additional camera features like smile detection, image stabilization, etc.

Despite all these features are common in high end Smartphonea��s Samsung has made possible to make it water and dust resistant without even increasing an inch of dimension. It has been certified IP67 rating by IEC (International Electro technical Commission).You might be wondering what does IP67 mean, let me make it clear to you. I means Ingress, P means Protection, 6 means that Galaxy s5 is dust resistant and 7 means your Samsung Galaxy can stand for 30 minutes into water depth of 1 metre. Below 1 metre it will get surely damaged due to increased water pressure.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Keeping water proof display isna��t a big deal but designing waterproof ports is very much challenging. At the bottom end there is a plastic gasket covering USB ports which protects your Smartphone from water. Whenever you remove USB cable your Galaxy s5 always notifies you to put on the water proof gasket tightly.
Talking about the back of your Samsung Galaxy s% it is removable and might risk your Smartphone if kept loose. But if placed properly Samsung has brilliantly embedded a plastic gasket which keeps your sim card, battery and other essential parts safely surrounded.

You dona��t need to feel too much relaxed about the waterproof feature of your Smartphone. IP67 rating doesna��t mean you can keep your Galaxy s5 in swim suit and start swimming or use it while bathing. You still need to take care of you Smartphone and keep it in dry place because it has been proven very risky if your Smartphone went deeper than 1 metre. Unfortunately your Samsung Galaxy s5 is not 100% water proof, it has got many risks with it. You might know what bad harm does a Smartphone get if it falls in water.

If you dona��t know let me tell you if your Samsung Galaxy s5 fell in a swimming pool consequences can be very bad. It will rust your Smartphonea��s circuit board and eventually cause death of it or disable your slots or charging ports, etc. So ita��s very essential to keep your Galaxy s5 safe despite of its waterproofing feature.

This waterproofing feature will be surely helpful to you if your Smartphone falls in water trouble but you dona��t have to risk your Smartphone for playing with this feature. Ita��s very risky and we are sure that you value your money more than us because ita��s your money. We dona��t want you to spend on repairing. Prevention is always the best option.