Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. LG G2 – Full comparison



The world has moved fast from heavy computers to desktop and later to the laptop but the world is still moving fast and technology has become more innovative and laptop is now palm top and Tablet PC so mobile technology is raised enormously and now mobile phones are more powerful than of Pentium IV. To contribute more in mobile world LG and Samsung is set on a race and to play this race they have introduced two super phones or phablet in the market. We are talking about LGa��s G2 and Samsunga��s Note 3.

We will discuss all the details of both the super phones which had recently marked their presence in the market. LG has always come up with revolutionary products and whereas Samsung phones are now the most awaiting phone now. So leta��s have a brief discussion about these phones and make a conclusion that which phone will best suit the market now.

Note 3 vs LG G2

Design and Form:

LG G2 has been big yet so perfect in terms of grip, G2 is sleek and light with curved edges making this phone handy and as the phone is very sleek it is portable. Back of the phone has some bezels near camera which makes handy while attending call so overall the body of G2 is perfect as phablet. Samsung Note 3 is typical Samsung Galaxy phones but with leathery back makes this phone look good and different from contenders. Huge body but curves and sleekness make this phone to hold properly. Both the phones are perfect for entertainment and work as big screen does all with ease. Samsung Note 3 is provided with the stylus which adds more advantage while operating this phone.

Size and form of these phones are as follows.
LG G2: 138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9mm, 143g
Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3mm, 168g
So we can say Samsung provides more features but portability is important which is provided in LG.


Display plays an important role in mobile phone and this fact is known by both the market leaders and so they have mastered their phone with intelligence. G2 is known for its beautiful display and LG has carried their USP in this phone too. G 2 is powered with 5.2 inch True HD-IPS + LCD screen with resolution of 1920X1080 and packed with 424 ppi which provides clear, bright and rich imagery output.
Samsung Note 3 is provided with 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display having Full HD resolution like of G2 but packed with a pixel density of 386ppi which is a very more advance than previous Note. So to have vivid and natural colors on your phone you can go with G2 as it produces natural color than of Samsunga��s AMOLED. As G2 has more pixel density display battle is won by G2 itself.


The phonea��s heart is said to be a processor and both the phones have powerful heart. So leta��s have a brief look regarding the processor feature of both the phones. G2 is powered with Qualcomma��s Snapdragon 800 chipset having Quad-core processors with clocked speed of 2.2 GHz power supported by good graphic memory of Adreno 330 allows you to process heavy graphic instructions. 2GB RAM will support you to have faster processing of instruction. Along with the RAM, G2 is also provided with GRAM which makes this phone power efficiency by 10%.

Samsung has provided Note 3 with Exynos 5 chipset with two Quad-core processors packed with clockspeed of 1.9 GHz Cortex A15 and 1.3 GHz Cortex A7 architecture for non LTE carriers and for LTE mobile carriers Samsung has provided with 2.3 GHz Quad-core Krait 400 processors. Along with the processor you are provided with 3GB RAM and powerful GPU makes this phone much faster and advanced than its predecessor and rivals.


LG is provided with a good internal memory of 16 GB but there is no external memory support but Samsung Note 3 comes in a 32GB and 64GB variant but it has external memory support with the help of MicroSD card. G2 must have provided with external memory support as 16GB seems very low storage capacity if we look to Samsunga��s storage capacity.

Operating System:

Both the phones are running on Android OS but G2 is powered with Android 4.2.2 JellyBean and Samsung Note 3 is powered with 4.3 JellyBean so this means Note 3 will get the updated version of Android. Both the phones are packed with manufacturersa�� add-on making phones more user friendly and intuitive and offers users with gesture control and voice activated systems.

Camera & Battery:

The camera is Smartphone is going advance and these phones are also provided with superb camera. Both the phones are packed with 13MP camera shooter which clicks and capture video in 1080p. For video talk and chat it is provided with 2 MP camera which also can capture video in 1080p. Samsung Note 3 has same camera feature of Samsung S4 but G2 has OIS technology which makes this phone to capture low light photography with noise and blur free. So camera in this G2 is much more advanced than of Samsung.

With so much power in the phone, we need powerful battery backup to back the phone properly and to fulfill this both the phones are provided with powerful battery, Samsung Note 3 is provided with 3200 mAh which provides 20 hours of talk time. G2 is powered by 3000 mAh which provides you with 22 hours of talk time which is really impressive.


So all we can say that no phone was less on the hardware features, and yes there was slight change in both the phones regarding some hardware features but overall both the phone is built as super phone. So have a look to this phone and its feature and make a decision about which one suits you better.