Samsung Cross App and Internet 4.0 released for its Smartphones


Samsung seem to be in full swing to come up with new features and software. This time with Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will be first Smartphone under giant Korean company to come with Marshmallow update. The update comes with new software and several features. Finally, Samsung has officially announced its new software features it will come with new Android 6.0 Marshmallow version. It will offer few improvements like:

samsung cross app

Samsung Cross App and Internet 4.0 released for its Smartphones

Cross App

This application will allow users to access app inside another app. For instance, if user is sending a SMS, he / she might be able to access videos, photos to send across to the recipient without jumping out of messaging app. The messaging app or chat app allows user to open a specific URL which is inbuilt web-browser. User can also minimize URL page and continue chatting, it also supports playing multimedia files such as audio or video within the chat.
The Marshmallow offers a new feature called Doze Mode, which helps user to extend battery power. When user play’s a video or audio, he/she can adjust speed of the audio. It offers better control of apps.

Samsung Internet 4.0

The Samsung internet 4.0 is new browser introduced by Samsung. The web browser supports HTML 5, service API to patch up with poor web connection, synchronization with background, push alerts, fast rendering and many more.The Secret Mode a new feature which allows to browse web pages anonymously. This mode can be enabled by fingerprint authentication. Also the Web Auto Login protects the identity of the user going through fingerprint scanning, by which only authorize a person can access the data of the browser. The new web-browser comes with support for virtual Reality, by which one can interact with Samsung Gear VR or mobile devices.