How to root Sony Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.2 Kitkat


Hello everyone! This isA�PhoneLaneA�Inc. providing you rooting tutorial forA�sonyA�XperiaA�z2.This is the most easy and simple to understand rooting guide present all over the web. SonyA�XperiaA�Z2 is the high end androidA�smartphoneA�with specifications touching peaks. It has got ability to record 4k videos and certified as water and dustA�resistant. ItA�was worked upon you Sony under code name a�?Syriusa�? and later introduced into market during Mobile World Congress in Spain. Ita��s currently the best outcome ofA�sonyA�technologies.A� It runs on the most latest Android 4.4.2A�kitkatA�along with theA�latestA�snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB of RAM which is the exciting stuff about thisA�Smartphone. NowA�leta��sA�concentrate on rooting yourA�XperiaA�z2 to get root access and manage it your own way.

Sony Xperia Z2


1. We are not responsible for any type of software break down during rooting.A�Ita��sA�your own choice.

2. Rooting will void warranty on your Smartphone. So before starting keep this thing clear in your mind that youa��re doing it on your own responsibility.


1. Keep yourA�xperiaA�z2 charged above 80% so that you wona��t run into trouble while rooting.

2. Keep all your essential data backup because ita��s going to wipe out all your data.




1. Plug in your SonyA�xperiaA�z2 USB into your PC.

2. As you have already downloaded, keep it archived in root folder of your memory card.

3. Now turn off yourA�xperiaA�z2.

4. Press he turn on button and volume up button to turn your phone into Recovery mode. This will get confirmed when green light will be flashed.

5.A�A�With the help of volume keys locate the install zip fromA�sdA�card and confirm it by power button then wait till the installation is complete.

6. Now you are done! Just reboot yourA�xperiaA�z2 and you will see kudos rootedA�XperiaA�z2.