How to return a Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Samsung has finally rested their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 production for the sake of humanity and you wont be seeing Smartphone blasts in airplanes from now onwards. It is a good yet not so good news because Samsung had to encounter a great loss and Note series lovers wont be happy by this because it is in no terms a happy ending.
If you are still carrying your Note 7 Smartphone with you and want to return or exchange it for another Smartphone, you have landed at the right place. You should know that Samsung is also demanding the return of those Note 7 Smartphone which were declared safe during the first checking princess initiated by Samsung, for your information on Note7 Smartphone is safe. So return them all as soon as possible.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The easiest way for the U.S residents to do it, just by calling this toll free number of Samsung 1-800-SAMSUNG and getting your refund or exchange with Gakaxy S7 initiated. The contact numbers for Australians and Britishers are 1300 362 623, and 0300 7267467 respectively.

Dona��t forget to return all your Galaxy Note 7 accessories along with the Smartphone. Samsung has made it clear to pay the cost difference between Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7. U.S customers will also be given a $25 giftcard as a repay for the great deal of inconvenience caused by Samsung.
For those Galaxy Note 7 owners which are associated with the carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon, they need to contact their respective carroers or visit the nearest carrier store in order to make a return. Same procedure follows for the carriers in U.K UK such as EE and Vodafone, and for the carriers in Australia such as Optus and Telstra.

However if you have purchased this Smartphone from a retailer outlet anywhere such as Best buy or Carphone, just visit there will your Smartphone, bill, box and all the accessories in order to make a successful return or refund. Dona��t forget any accessory at your home because you know how these people get when they have to pay.