What are the prime highlights of Google I/O?


Google I/O is actually a conference where developers are provided with new ideas and tools related to future development of web and mobile applications. This conference takes place annually and in the year 2014 this conference took place in San Francisco on 25th June 2014 and continued for 3 days.

Google IO 2014

Almost 5000 participants were present in the conference which included developers in majority and rest were the guests and the chiefs of different brands. The main attractants of the conference were the issue related to the most essential technologies running presently which include Android, Google API’s, Web Toolkit, etc.

Google I/O 2014 highlighted some fresh arrivals and the new announcements were made which world wanted to listen from a long period of time.

1. Android L:

The official announcement of Android L was made on the 1st day of the conference and on 2nd day it was released for the selected gathering of people owning Google Nexus Smartphone’s. It was also made clear that Android L will be made available for manufacturing in late 2014. The most prominent changes that will be upgraded in Android L include the replacement of Dalvik with new improved Android Runtime claimed to be 2 times faster than Dalvik. The announcement regarding battery backup enhancement was also made and it was made clear that few changes will be made to make Android platform battery efficient and this will take place under specialized project Volta. Notification will no longer exist in notification panel; most accurately notification panel will not exist. Notifications will directly arrive on lock screen along with their desired action buttons just like tiles. Lot of 3D effects are to be added in Android L and its going to be the giant leap by Android.

2. Wearable’s:

A new pace was taken in compressing a galaxy of technology into small smart watches. The Samsung Gear Live and LG Watch were announced to be available for order in U.S. Moreover the participants of Google I/O conference will be gifted either a smart watch or Moto 360. Moto 360 release date for the public is yet unknown. Android also claimed that the latest smart watches will be arriving with high usability and they will reduce your phone usage time because you can take control of things and stay aware of everything going in your Smartphone through the new Smart watches.

3. Android in Automobiles:

This feature has been developed after keeping in view, the safely of the people. Since earlier, driving with the help of Smartphone was condemned because of high risks. So, Google has introduced a new Android Auto through which you can have your best driving experience just on your car screen. It’s both touch and physical buttons enabled. The screen will show up basic driving controls and maps for navigation and many other features which include music, SMS, web search, etc. However many tech analysts declare it as a mimic to Apple Car Play.

4. Google TV upgraded to Android TV:

The already existing Google TV which unfortunately could not get too popular because of different bugs is now better than ever. The all new Android TV gets smoother user interface, introduction of voice search system and gaming support is being added up. This is going to get much higher than just searching and watching movies. The work on Android TV has been started with TV manufacturers like Philips, Sony, etc.

5. Miscellaneous:

There are some other announcements which were made before the start of conference but were not introduced on the eve of conference. These include the introduction of 2GB RAM instead of 1GB RAM in Google Glass, Google Nexus 7 and Chromecast was also launched in the midst of the Google I/O conferences. Hope you people loved our highlights on Google I/O 2014.