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With the enhancements in every field of mobile technology, gaming sector is also shifting towards the 3D frame where things are getting more realistic and the adrenaline rush in the action packed games are attracting more noise towards action and adventurous games. Whether ita��s RPG, fighting combat or adventure trip, nothing works out in this era without the realistic 3D touch. This advancement is definitely gaining more attraction of people but what about the puzzle games? No matter how much 3D is introduced, the realistic scenes arena��t possible to be generated in common puzzle games that world plays today. Thus, straight forward puzzle games are undergoing decline in their popularity. Now the world wants some special Midas touch in puzzle games too. A huge bunch of 3D puzzle games are also available but the main thing that is unique creativity is yet to be found.

plumber 2

Plumber 2 is a classy Puzzle Game

However, we have got this Plumber 2 game which is a good food for adults as well as childrena��s. Leta��s take a detailed glimpse on this game to see what it has got for us. Plumber 2 is a classic puzzle game developed by Spider Team, available for free with no in app purchases. The graphics of this game are highly creative and user-friendly. The method of playing this game is to touch the pipes and swipe them in such orientation that water keeps flowing up to the overflow pipe. But you have to make all the swipes right in given time otherwise you will fail. Plumber 2 is the compilation of more than 50 levels available for free. Although the gaming method is simple to proceed but mastering this game is very tough in reality. This game besides being free of cost comes with free update for newer levels to be unlocked.

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