Password box free app for store and protect your passwords


Password box a free password safe for all the online freaks.  Password box specially designed application to store passwords for all your accounts on your PC or phone. If you have various accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. or you use services like PayPal and are fed up with remembering your long password, then this is the solution, password box lets you save all your online passwords as well as a password to your mobile application. Password box Inc. has launched a free mobile application for both Android as well as iPhone to store your entire important password with a master lock.

Password box comes with a master lock to your account, which stores all login related information on a particular site. The application also allows you to save all info like account no, ID card, Passport like a digital wallet. Password box has a special feature to share important details with your loved ones and can be used in any browser on your PC or phone. The application is supported with a highly secure encryption technique AES-256. The applications have features like digital heirs, secure SSL, auto –lock, password generator, etc.  The password generator allows you to replace your present password with a 26+-character password that is difficult to decode. The secure SSL helps your data to be encoded during sync.

Password box


  • Instant login to any site.
  • Different login controls.
  • Get high security from keystroke malware.
  • Synchronize all your devices with the same database.
  • Supports all browsers and Smartphone.
  • Encrypting & decrypting done locally (on your device).
  • Highly secure encryption technique AES-256.
  • Share details with loved ones.
  • Add / remove your digital heirs at any time.
  • Unique & secure password generator.
  • Auto-Lock function to safeguard against theft.
  •  Locked with a Master Password lock known by you.
  • Secure SSL helps protect your data during sync between devices/PC.


The application is free for both SMARPHONE OS (android, IOS) and for YOUR PC. With iTunes the application is compatible with 6.0 or higher OS and takes ~46Mb of disk space. On android phones, OS requirement is 2.3 and has a varying disk size. The application is being rated 4.1 averages in the android market.


The application has better features and controls the product idea is top notch. Various leading magazines like FORBES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, USA TODAY, PC MAG, etc. have talked about Password box. The application has won many awards and has been editors’ choice of certain sites. The application must download and delivers its promise. Large number of users online has rated it as one of the best application & have supported with very good reviews. The issue to remember a big character PASSWORD is now easy. The application deserves 9 out of 10 for all effort and support.

Password Box Free Download for Android

Password Box Free Download for iOS