Nothing is free, not even Android


How many know that Android is an open source and free operating system? If you dona��t, then now you do. Then why is it that every time there is any mention of Android, even Google is there right alongside it? Google calls itself an international company, then why does it not launch apps for other OS like Blackberry,IOS and Windows as enthusiastically like Android? Some questions like these we actually need to ask and not just stay quite.

android kitkat

Google with its apps and services integrated with Android OS has literally owned Android. They have taken over this entire OS and subsequently the market almost the very same way Alexander took over the world. Start from a small territory and go on to add to it until the entire thing is taken and no one will ever come to know about it.

We are not complaining about anything, Google has for sure made Android experience a very rich one, but still that does not mean Google a�?ownsa�? Android. Agreed that Google did financially back the development of Android, but it is still open source software which Google is only permitted to release it under the Apache License. Now consider this, an open source software means anyone can make their own version and release it or use for themselves. But has anyone ever come across any version of Android being released which is custom made and does not come under the banner of Google?

Now lets talk about the apps. There are over 6 third party app stores, but always Google Play, which is a Google owned app store comes pre-loaded into the device. And if we check the custom overlays that are laid on top of Android by various manufacturers, even they still include the pre-loaded App Store. So the question, why not any other App Store is installed in Android. There are geeks out there who do, but then that ends up in the voiding of warranty at times if some issue is caused.

This brings us to a question, do you really think Android is open source anymore? Or has Google smartly taken over the entire reigns of the operating system. Let us know what you think by commenting below. Your thoughts are always welcome. And as far as we go, yes Google has taken over the Android OS completely and that is very evident from the fact as to how they release a new version with every Nexus phone or tablet that they introduce in the market.

We are not saying Android is bad with Google, but the point here is that Android which is supposed to be an open source, is now one only for namesake, but has not remained that anymore. But we are not going to stop using it anyways now isna��t it?


  1. Google funded Android initially and decided to give it away. By camouflage it as open source, they actually used it as a trojan for Google services. Am sure some ex-hacker came up with that idea (:
    They were afraid that Google Search would be one day locked out of iPhone and people would even stop using it on their desktop.

    • It’s easy to give something away when you’re in last place with zero marketshare, precisely where Android started. When you’re in first place though, it’s a little harder to be so open and welcoming.