Nokia Lumia 625 Mid Range Big Screen Windows Phone Complete Review


Nokia has the knack of making some really beautiful phones. The shapes, the colours it is all so amazingly made that they sure do know how to catch eyeballs with their product. Now with the touchscreen phones, the design does not have much scope to tinker about with, but they make that up with amazing colours and superbly built phones with great quality materials. The phone under review today, the Nokia Lumia 625 is one such beauty which is a grade up from its smaller brother the 620.

Design and Looks:
Nokia has used the multi-coloured polycarbonate casings to its complete advantage by giving its phones an awesome look and feel. This stands true even for the Nokia Lumia 625. The little difference here is that being a larger phone, they have given it a translucent back cover. What this does is that it gives the phone the stretched look which shows that it is the big brother or rather the grown version of the Lumia 620. Its build is pretty sturdy as is always the case with Nokia. It has the regular windows phone capacitive buttons on the bottom of the screen and the volume rocker, power/lock screen button and dedicated camera button on the right. It has got a removable back panel which can be changed to whichever color you want.

Nokia Lumia 625

The phone sports a huge 4.7” IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, which is the biggest in the Lumia Range till date. It has the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and has a resolution of 800×480 pixels at 199 ppi. This might sound a bit less compared to other phones available nowadays, but for windows phone this does not look less, the text is also pretty clear and does not look distorted at all.

On the hardware front, this phone has a heart of 1.2 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon Krait processor coupled with Adreno 305 GPU which is capable of handing the graphics perfectly. The specs might seem less, but Windows Phone OS is pretty light and does not require much high end specs to run it smoothly. Even with this spec, the phone works seamlessly without any lags.

Operating System:
The phone runs on the Windows Phone 8 OS out of the box and is upgradeable to Amber over the air. This is a very light, smooth and a zippy OS with no complications and simple working. Its live tiles are an amazing concept where you can pin all your required apps on the Home screen and it also provides with notifications on the tile itself of that app. Since the OS is a bit new, hence the app store is still developing and it has almost 200,000 apps in it and in time it well develop to match Android and iOS.

Storage capacity and Main memory:
The 625 has 512 MB of RAM which is a bit of a letdown considering even the 620 had the same amount and 625 is an upgrade to it. Also it has 8GB of inbuilt memory and also has an expandable memory card slot up to 64 GB which is a good thing.

The primary camera on the phone is a 5MP one, but it functions better than all the other 5MP cameras out there in the market. It is capable of some amazing photos as well as Full HD 1080p videos. Its primary camera is a VGA camera which allows for video calls with VGA quality.

Though the Windows Phone 8 OS has its limitations on the App Store, but they make it up by providing some awesome features and apps out of the box. Nokia’s mapping services, the HERE Maps and HERE Drive are present. Also the various camera lenses like Cinemagraph, Smart Shoot, PhotoBeamer, Nokia Smart Camera, etc. are present to provide the best camera experience. Also the phone comes with LTE connectivity which means faster internet connection and better surfing experience.

We reviewed the Nokia Lumia 625 on all the parameters and have come to a conclusion about the phone. If you are looking for a mid-range phone with LTE connectivity, then this is the phone for you with its big screen if you are ready to compromise a bit with the camera. But other than that, this is a lovely phone to use with it being available in a range of amazing colours; it is like beauty comes to you.