Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 Vs. Intex Aqua i7 – Head to head comparison


It is the battle between two Indian manufactured powerhouses, the Micromax Canvas turbo pitched against the Intex Aqua i7. It will be to be seen which devices fares the best among the two because both the devices are pretty packing and also are available at a pretty low cost. So all in all it is going to be a tough battle ahead. We guess whichever device comes on top it is going to be great news for the consumers are they are going to get some amazing options to choose from.

Micromax Vs Intex

Design and Looks:
The design of the i7 is something that can be called as the custom stock Android running in the system. I said this because the phone has the 3 capacitive navigation buttons on the device, and their shapes are also exactly same as the ones present on the stock Vanilla Android present on the nexus line-up of phones. The shape of the phone is pretty classy with rounded edges adding to the beauty of the phone. The Canvas Turbo on the other hand has a more ovalish shape to it. It is rectangular but the corner edges of the device are more rounded giving it that look.

Both the devices sport a 5” IPS LCD capacitive Full HD display with resolution of 1920×1080 at 441 ppi display. So both the devices have a very evenly matched display and both are absolutely amazing.

Micromax turbo a250

The performance is where Micromax scores over other devices. Both the devices are powered by a quad core processor under the hood clocked at 1.5 GHz, but the place where Micromax scores is the presence of the PowerVR SGX544 GPU coupled with the processor which handles all the graphics requirements of the device. Hence gaming and multitasking on the Canvas Turbo is a much better breeze than the Aqua i7.

Operating System:
Both the devices run on Android 4.2 JellyBean. So again in this area both the phones are pretty evenly matched. Also there is no custom UI overlay over Android unlike Samsung or HTC or any other big player in the market. Both the devices though come with some custom apps inbuilt from the company which provides better and improved functionality of the device.

Intex Aqua i7

Storage capacity and Main memory:
Both the devices contain 2 GB of RAM which is amazing. But both the devices disappoint us due to the unavailability of expandable storage option. We always love the option of extending storage or being able to carry out data in small chips but still both the devices come with good on board storage. The Canvas Turbo comes with 16 GB on inbuilt storage which is not bad but could have had been better. The Aqua i7 though has 32 GB of on board storage, though the user available memory is only 24.8 GB.

On the camera front also both devices are pretty evenly matched with a 13 MP rear shooter which captures some amazing stills and Full HD 1080p videos at 30 fps. Also they both contain a 5 MP front camera which is really amazing. Now you can simply go ahead and capture some amazing photos and videos and also cool selfies. So why not go ahead and get your girlfriend one eh? 😉

Since both devices are running Android, we really need not talk much about the features. It is almost self-explanatory, but still the Canvas Turbo though comes with some great extra features which were present in the previous flagship, the Canvas 4. Features in the phone include Blow to Unlock, Smart Scroll, App in App, Smart Stay and many more. So overall in terms of features the Canvas Turbo is better than the Aqua i7.

Both the devices are evenly matched in terms of the battery as well since both are powered by a 2000 mAh battery which lasts easily upto 7 hours on 3G networks. It is a bit less for many other devices present out there but it is still not at all bad. So battery is pretty decent on both the devices.

So, we checked out the Micromax Canvas Turbo and the Intex Aqua i7 pitched against each other and the results prove us easily on the basis of the added features, the great added apps and the rest of the features that the Canvas Turbo is a better device than the Intex Aqua i7, not by much, but just a little bit. So feel free to comment below what you feel about both the devices and which one you feel better and would prefer to buy.