Micromax Canvas LapTab Windows and Android Dual OS Tablet Review


Micromax Canvas LapTab Review a�� An Average Hybrid in the Best Possible Sense of the Word

The grand unveiling of their new product this week marked the grand entrance for Micromax to the laptop-tablet hybrid market. The Micromax Canvas LapTab Dual OS might not be the most celebrated piece of equipment at this yeara��s CES, it still deserves an approving nod for being able to rock both Windows 8.1 and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating systems. Providing tablet convenience and laptop functionality for a reasonable price will ensure the LapTaba��s popularity for the average user, who wants to get his hand on a hybrid but wish to keep both his kidneys.

Micromax Canvas Laptab

Design, Screen and Specs

The design follows popular market standards: we get the usual windows button in the middle, camera on top with the light sensor, average sized frame and the whole model has a comfortable thinness to it. The LapTab flashes at 10.1a�? screen capable of 1280 x 800 pixels resolution. The side houses the usual important ports: a MicroSD slot, mini HDMI for the multimedia experience, a jack for sound input and a USB 3.0 slot. Dona��t let the metallic shine fool you though: the back only gets a hard plastic cover, no aluminium involved.

Powered by an 1.46 GHz Intel Celeron processor with 2GB RAM, it provides enough raw force for most consumer apps, programs and purposes. Having 32GB internal memory seems to be enough, but the tablet only leta��s you take control over half of that space, and the LapTabs on display at CES only had a little bit more than 3GB free space on them. While this may have been because the developers packed them full of shiny and impressive apps to show off the tableta��s true capabilities, it still sounds horrible when you think about how the little space left is barely enough to run Windows 8.1 and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. This is where we are thankful for that MicroSD slot, since we have the choice to add an additional 32GB flash card, thus ending up with 64GB of memory.

On the bright side, the LapTab hits the shelves in the U.S. next month and will be sold for a price around 400-500$, which does sound like a bargain and will surely add to the modela��s success.

Laptop Accessories, and Battery

The LapTab comes with a nice and comfortable-looking wireless keyboard, which has a very durable but light transleeve, that can be used as a cover or a stand. The keyboard includes a secondary battery, which altogether accounts for 20 hours of runtime. Custom keyboards will be available after LapTab hits the stores.

All in All

While the Micromax Canvas LapTab is altogether an average tablet, we should be really grateful because… ita��s an average tablet! The first model from a developer known for quality for low prices sets a steady foot on the market. Great screen, a sound processor and enough memory to work with, and 20 hours of runtime. What more do you need?