Meizu MX5 affordable Chinese android phone July 2015


For those who love phones characterized with latest and effective technology, this is the phone for them. The Meizu MX5 has combined all the latest technology and will enable your experience top notch functionality. From the hardware which is composed of a variety of features to the OS and the compatibility of the phone with different software, you will definitely enjoy using this phone. Its exterior design is quite appealing; you will enjoy holding this phone and also showing it to your friends. Just to portly the diverse and unique feature, this article will look at some of the feature of this phone.

Meizu MX5 Back Meizu MX5

Processor and RAM

Meizu MX5 uses a 2.2 GHz Octa Core processor which is supported by a 3 GB RAM. For all who love fast responses of a phone, then you definitely have clues about how this will work for you. With this combination, you can enjoy multi programs and also playing games which require high processing speeds. This is not limited to these, you are grantee a phone which will rarely hug or function in a slow manner. The phones response is amazing, just one touch and you will not even notice any processing.


Meizu MX5 has been fitted with a 16GB ROM; with this storage capacity you have sufficient space to save your files and data. This will definitely handle any storage you might require from a phone. This phone does not support external memory though with 16 GB you are plenty much suited for all your storage purposes.


The display of this phone is top notch. Meizu MX5 is characterized by a 5.5 inch screen which has a high resolution of 1920 * 1080 which is full HD. The screen is also 401 PPi. You will enjoy using this screen, whether you are watching a movie, surfing or overall use of the phone. You will appreciate the size and quality of the screen.


The phone has also been fitted with two cameras, that is the front and the back cameras. They have high pixel resolutions which are 5.0 MP and 20.7 MP respectively. The rear camera is also characterized with flash light and AF. The font also has a flash light. You can video record using the camera and the cameras have face beauty functionality.


Meizu MX5 is characterized by a high ability to handle different network type, this include: 2G, 3G, and 4G.This phone will also support GMS, WCDMA, FDD and LTE. The Wi-Fi hardware supports 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless internet. With this phone you will use the different networks available without any difficulties.

Other features

Meizu MX5 has also been fitted with a variety of sensors, this include: gravity sensor, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor. These are all preinstalled to make the functionality of the phone top notch. The battery capacity is 3159mAH; this will definitely keep your phone running for longer durations. This phone also supports dual sim cards.

Meizu MX5 Back

External design

The external design of the phone has been created to match any top smart phone in the market. The design is a reflection of real class.


Buy Meizu MX5 in just $329.99A�