To-do List & Task List Android and Apple iOS app review and download



If you happen to go to the Google Play Store, you will find many apps which help you with your regular tasks and to do lists, but if you search properly, you will find over 30 apps which are verified and do the same job with very less or no difference. Then the question arises, which among them is the best app of them all? And that is the exact same question that haunted us for a long-long time until we dwelled in the list and spent a lot of time with them until we came to a conclusion and a finalist which we think is the best to do list app among them all. The app is To-do list app & Task list app. This list app is really wonderful and so that you all should come to know what is so great about this app, we decided to take you on a full tour with the complete review of the To-do list app.

Any do To-do List


Installation of this app is very easy, you can get this one from their website easily, or else you can also find this app on the Google Play Store as well as many other third party app stores. You just need to download the To-do List app and Android will do the rest. To-do List app is also available on iOS, you can get it even on the Apple App Store.


Signing up is a very simple process. You can directly use Facebook and login via facebook. Other alternative is to create a list app account and use the app. It is always advantageous to use Facebook login, that way all your events and birthdays from Facebook will automatically be integrated and synced with your To-do List app. That way you can keep track of all your Facebook events as well as the birthdays via the a�?Cala�� app, which we will be coming to later.

Any do To-do List

Getting Started:

After signing in you will be guided by a tutorial which is pretty cool that shows you how to add tasks and also manage them as well as remove them when you are done with it. It is very basic, but it needs some tinkering with the app to actually be able to use it properly which is provided in the next section.

List are an essential Part of Modern day Life To-do List makes it easy

Making Notes:

The actual functioning of the To-do List app is right here. After all the pre-requisites are done, you land over to the main app where you can manage your tasks. The UI is very simple. There is a list of folders in which you can divide your tasks. There are two pre-made folders, a�?Personala�� and a��Worka�� so accordingly you can sort out your tasks.If need be you can always go in the drop down menu to add or remove folders or rename them whatever you want,customizing them as per your say. Customizing is really a great thing about To-do List app, everything is very simple, efficient and properly arrangable.

As for the simple method of adding tasks, you just have to type in the tasks you want, change the priority of you want, and also add in an alarm if you wish to have that and you are done. It is really all that simple. And then all your tasks will be arranged on a timeline in ascending order. It even has an option of showing the tasks on your notification center so that you can check out the next tasks to be completed or to attend. It is really an amazing feature which is missing from many of the list apps. After you are done with your tasks, all you have to do is swipe it towards the right to scratch it out to indicate that it has been done. It is almost like cancelling it out with a pen. Cool right?

One amazing feature of To-do List app which not many other apps feature is that it has voice control as well. The Google Speech recognition as well as the iOS versiona��s speech recognition works perfectly well and you can dictate your tasks to the app if you have your hands full for some reason. Now who would not want that in your app.

Any do To-do List


The app features a proper synchronization feature which is actually pretty amazing. It is specially helpful if you have your app linked to your Facebook account. With it you can have any events or tasks added on your Facebook account or have a glance if been invited to one which you might have accepted, all that will be synced with your To-do List app so that you can check even that and manage it all on the move. It will sync your tasks from this app with the Cal calendar app which is also another great companion and feature that you should have.


It is other cool feature where if you happen to have your app full of many tasks (i.e. if you are a really busy person) and you are confused as to which tasks needs to be taken care of first or just need a starting point, then in that case you just need to sort out all the tasks according to ascending, alphabetical or by priority among many others. This way you can properly decide which tasks you need to manage first.

Any do To-do List

Additional Features: To-do List houses many other cool features apart from the productivity to make the experience much more fun and enjoying. You can change the theme from dark or light. You also have the option to show the tasks on the notification panel or hide it. You can change the first day of the week according to your preference, also get missed call alerts, post meeting details, keep backup of the whole thing and the most exciting of all, Google Glass support. Now who does not want that, right? Also one amazing feature in this is the a�?Shakea�� feature. In this feature, all the completed marked tasks are simply removed when you shake the phone, easy peasy.


Overall the tasks and to do list a really cool app to have for everyone, students and working people alike as well as home caretakers. To-do List app can be used by everyone from you to your personal assistant, your kids, wife, even your maid, butler, gardener, everyone to manage their tasks and also it is for sure to increase their and your productivity and efficiency as well. To-do List & Task List Android app download To-do List & Task List iOS app download