LG Nexus 5 will have Snapdragon 808 along with a Fingerprint Scanner


There are many news regarding Nexus and most of them are around 5.7 inch Huawei Nexus. There are many pointers towards a smaller Nexus being made available. However, there is not much information is known. The only aspect known about this next-gen smartphone LG Nexus 5 is that the same shall be less costly than its phablet sized device and will also have less aggressive specs and build material.

LG Google Nexus 5

The next-gen smartphone LG’s Nexus 5 will have processor Snapdragon 808, or as some news spells out that this new device may have lesser capacity processor Snapdragon 615. As per the latest report from Korea Herald, LG is harping on the special premium feature of a fingerprint scanner.

The new report in the Korea Herald mentions that LG Nexus 5 will carry 5.2 inch display and the device will try and incorporate newer technologies not implemented in the previous models. There will be fingerprint sensor and the mobile payment system called Android Pay. The report also quotes that the fingerprint scanner technology shall be also used in all the future flagship products from LG.

It is indeed too early to confirm or rule out the authenticity of this report, but the recent case of TPU pertaining to the new LG Nexus points at something different. The image shows that there is a slot in the centre vacant, which apparently is supposed to be meant for the fingerprint scanner.