Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Windows 8.1 powered strong contender in the Market


World is tuning with Android OS and in this growing craze of Android, Lenovo has collected guts to release its new flagship called Lenovo ThinkPad 8. New device from Lenovo is running on Windows OS which is really a big shocker from Lenovo. Android smartphones by Lenovo was doing well in the market and collected huge appreciation from people all around, but Lenovo is company who do not want to get stagnated with one OS so they launched Windows OS device. Only manufacturer who has launched Windows OS device in regular interval is Lenovo and this time Lenovo has upgraded Windows 8.1 OS powered device to show off in the market.

Lenovo ThinkPad 8

Design part of the tablet is truly inspired by iPad mini because it has same curved edges which are seen in iPad. Perfect rectangular body with curved edges looks stunning and allows proper gripping to the hands to manage this tablet easily. ThinkPad 8 is 0.35 inches thick and weighs 0.95 pound which may feel little heavy but regular use will eradicate that issue too.

Display of the table is offered with 8.3 inches with full HD resolution feature which enhances the clarity of the display and has good color management. Touch and feel of the display is very smooth on this tablet which is common in all Windows OS device. Good viewing angle and good outdoor legibility are advantage of the display provided by Lenovo and these two features makes display attractive and successful.

Hardware proposed by Lenovo is always powerful and for Windows OS they have provided quad-core Intel Z3770 Atom processor along with 2GB RAM for better and efficient computing on your Windows OS device. Intel processors are known for its multi-processing multiple apps and 2GB RAM will help the device to multi-task the application proficiently. So with this type of hardware configuration you will love working and playing on this device.

Camera supported on this device is 8MP which is potent to capture some serious pictures which have brilliant color output and comes out to be live picture. Outdoor shooting with the camera is just amazing with good colors but low-light area imaging is little noisy. Camera is supported by flash but images can a bit noisy when used in low light. Camera of this device can shoot videos at 1080p which is quite obvious for the device having 8MP camera. ThinkPad 8 also have front camera for making video calls from your device and front camera also captures images at 1080p resolution.

Lenovo ThinkPad 8 is running on Windows 8.1 OS with UI which is same on all Windows OS devices. Touch and interface of the device is smooth and has enhanced Dropbox and OneDrive features associated with it. Battery provides good backup of 7 hours of playtime on the device which is much better than other Windows OS device but compared to Android or iOS device it is far less.

Overall Windows OS lovers will definitely go for this device because it has good and enhanced features compared to other Windows OS devices. Good display, better camera and powerful hardware configurations are the backbone and USP for ThinkPad 8.