Learn English – Voxy – English teaching app for Android and iOS review


An application name VOXY is available on both IOS and ANDROID market, a new way to learn English. There are large numbers of application that teach English, but not in a fashion, VOXY does, they use the scientific method to improve English. VOXY is an innovative method to learn English (this is what VOXY believes). Everything learnt with Voxy relates to our day-to-day tasks, so you can put your knowledge to use immediately. Using VOXY you will “learning English” to a new level. This application is useful to those who lack the good and perfect ways to learn English. VOXY itself is self-contained application that guides you to improve your English in an effective way. VOXY is personalizing English course that helps you achieve your goal. VOXY is the only language-learning program or application that is based on dynamic real life examples and activities. The application creates gaming fun like activities. VOXY brings language out of the classroom and into real life for a contextual and personalize experience. VOXY focuses on improving your language in a logical layer method in which language learning is divided into different stages and every stage difficulty level differs with different examples. VOXY has an added cutting-edge technique to teach English using image, speech recognition, music library also for advance assistance from certified teachers are recruited.

Learn English Voxy

How is VOXY different?

VOXY course changes as per your goals (i.e. For TOFEL, to advance your career, or to understand English media, etc.), as per that it lines-up the course with the favorite topic that you have decided and your present English level. VOXY lines-up all the required data and helps you understand the language, then it accesses your performance that can see in your profile. The application is an integrated platform, i.e. course can be accessed on mobile, tablets and on the web which helps you pick the lessons from wherever you have left. The course is synched and up to date across these devices. It uses real-life activities like world news, reading celebrity gossip, listening to popular music. Native tutors are available to speak with you 1:1 whenever you want, to help you learn faster and improve key areas like pronunciation

Application performance:

VOXY has a good response and the application supports tablets in a good way. The graphic provided for assistance is very good and must use application for graphics. The application does not hang at all and works well on both mobile and on the web. The profile is maintained well and perfect record of accomplishment is being recorded. The chat with tutor’ is a fun and hangs up sometimes (it depends on the connection.)


The application is developed for both IOS and ANDROID in IOS it is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. The app requires 5.0 or later Operating System. The size of this app is 16Mb on iTunes is completely free, but its further services are chargeable. This application has received good ratings on iTunes. The app requires 2.2 or later System for Android devices. The size of this app is 8.2MB on the market is completely free, but its further services are chargeable, the rating given to it is quite good.

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