KIDO’Z Play Mode-Safe for Kids Android app review and download


Parents here comes a good news the app featured will change your kids world. The KIDOa��Z works as friendly learning and playing application. This new application KIDOa��Z play mode is the best remedy, it allows you to set the access level and thus its safe for your kid to use your tablet or phone. KIDOa��Z is a launcher replacement, but unlike other launcher, it is password protected which lets only you to get to your home screen.

KIDOa��Z browser lets your kid to learn, play, browse, and watch videos that are recommended by you. This free application available on Google playstore and lets you create an avatar for your various child and also customize settings for each avatar.

The interface yourA�kidA�canA�see is asA�straightforwardA�asA�can be. Ita��s iOS like,A�in thisA�thereA�aren’t anyA�folders or widgets, simplyA�an easyA�showA�of icons for themA�to decide on.A�Once theyA�areA�finished withA�a specificA�app, the KIDOa��Z interfaceA�can come back.A�Therea��sA�noA�methodA�yourA�kidA�willA�returnA�toA�the mostA�screens of the device unless theyA�recognizeA�theA�password. The interfaceA�reallyA�resembles the NabiA�tabletA�interface, whichA�is cleanA�and easyA�to use.

KIDOZ Play Mode Safe for Kids

KIDOa��ZA�is completelyA�free and for those of youA�searching forA�somethingA�easyA�to keepA�youA�latchedA�barredA�into their own apps and/or ifA�you would likeA�to limit their time, ita��sA�the rightA�app.A�EasyA�to setupA�and simpleA�to use. Thata��sA�2A�combosA�you would really like.

What KIDOa��Z consists of?

-VideosA�for teenagersA�& babies only: KIDO’Z holds 1000s of kid-friendly videosA�that mayA�feed their imagination and curiosity.
-KIDOa��Z growsA�along with yourA�youngsters,A�providingA�videos olderA�youngstersA�love.
– Plug and PlayA�for immediateA�fun: KIDOa��Z hasA�countlessA�participatingA�and academicA�apps and games for youngstersA�to play, includingA�browseA�& Play Story Books, Colour & Draw art apps, Puzzles, doodle, Letter and term games, and more.
– Safe Surfing: KIDOZ comes preloaded withA�loads ofA�well-likedA�andA�niceA�kidsa�� websites,A�as well asA�for entertainment A�kids special shows like Disney, Scholastic Books, GeographicA�for youths, and more;
– Favourites: for your easyA�kidoa��z willA�save their favourite games, websites and videos in their Favourites folderA�for simple play access.
– Intelligent blockersA�shieldA�kids:A�youngstersA�cannotA�createA�any in-app purchases or click on any outside links to ads or differentA�apps or games.
-Safe child-lock withA�passwordA�option:A�youngstersA�areA�shielded fromA�inappropriate content and your device, settings and informationA�isA�shielded fromA�youngsters.
-A�Points in timeA�andA�differentA�parental controls:A�folksA�willA�setA�points in time, add orA�take awayA�apps and manage their childa��s KIDOa��ZA�expertiseA�usingA�the Parental Controls.

-You as a parent can create multiple accounts with their images as their avatar.
– Works in Offline mode where your settingsA�areA�saved.
– You can set time limits
– Background customization is possible with various distinct designs
– The KIDOa��Z team updates their list and services and you will receive constant updates from them to improve your kids learning experience.