Jolla: The First One OS hands on video review


We love it when something new comes up into the market. We were very much excited when Windows Phone 7 entered the market tied up with Nokia and then with Windows Phone 8 HTC and Nokia and then Huawei and Samsung as well joined in the pool. But later most of them dropped it and Windows Phone became almost a Nokia exclusive. We are hoping something better from Jolla which is a company formed by ex-Nokia employees to keep the values of the original Finnish art since Nokia is up for a takeover by Microsoft soon. We are really happy that something new has popped up to attract the attention of all of us with an amazing unique new concept and a superb looking new Sailfish OS.

Jolla OS

Build and Design:
The Jolla smartphone which the company has named “The First One” is something of a unique kind of design which is a sandwich style design. When you look at the phone sideways, you can see that there phone is divided in two parts, the back removable cover and the front body. The front is kept a constant black while the back polycarbonate cover comes in variety of colours like cyan, orange, yellow, white, black, etc. other than that the device comes with the standard controls and stuff.

The phone does not come with top of the line display but has a 4.5” qHD IPS LCD display with resolution of 540 x 960 pixels at 245 ppi which is pretty amazing for a first time phone. Plus this resolution is pretty amazing for an OS that was designed and implemented on the old Nokia N9.

The device comes with decent specs of Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Dual Core clocked at 1.4 GHz. It also comes with the Adreno 305 GPU making is a good device for a great smartphone experience. The device is not much resource hungry, so this much power under the hood is pretty awesome.

Memory & RAM:
The device comes with a decent 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage with an added expandable memory slot to expand the memory upto 64 GB using Micro SD card. So this is actually better than many midrange devices.

The camera on this device is an 8 MP snapper which captures some amazing pictures and is also capable of videos of 1080p Full HD videos. It also has a 2 MP front snapper quite capable of HD videos for video calling and selfies.

The battery on this device is pretty good at 2100 mAh which is enough to last for 13 hours easy with moderate usage. So you will not have to worry about running out of juice with this device.

The Best Part: Sailfish Operation System
Now coming to the biggest attraction of the device. The new Sailfish OS which is actually an inspiration and a continuation of the old MeeGo OS from Nokia which Nokia had incorporated into the Nokia N9. Jolla has moved on with this using the Linux base kernel and created a completely gesture based OS which is like the Blackberry 10 OS, but different. Now let us check out the OS in detail.

The best part of that there are no buttons for you to tap on this device. Everything is gesture based. So if you want to move from Homescreen to the multitasking page, all you need to do is swipe up and you will be there and the same applies in the reverse way. Just swipe down to go back. Also when you are in any app, you just need to swipe down for bringing up and selecting the menu options and if you want to move out, just swipe left a little to glance at the screen or else completely to exit the app.

These features are really cool and also there are shortcut options to control the apps from the multitasking window itself so you can control videos, music player and many other working apps directly from the multitasking window itself. This means that there is a lot more functionality and simplicity to this OS even compared to Android and iOS for that matter. Also one another amazing feature in this OS is the Ambience or the theme. This phone does not come preloaded with any theme. You can just select any image you want that suits your moods or it can be your own image and the OS automatically selects the colour tone and font colour and changes the theme of the colour which is really amazing and unique like none other.

Bridging the Gap:
The OS does come with some preloaded native apps like Twitter, Facebook and the works, but the best part here is that you can even run Android apps on this phone without any issues. They won’t run like the native apps, but they will run exactly like they do on Android, so it is not that bad at all. So the best part is that you won’t be missing out on your favourite apps like Whatsapp, Viber, the games and all the amazing stuff. The only issue is that you won’t be able to get these apps from the Google Play Store, but there is a third party marketplace available in built. So that is no issue here.

So overall we find the Sailfish OS and the Jolla to be a pretty cool device and our very little hands on time with the device has really impressed us a lot. The capability of it to work on phones with low specs and ability to run all the Android apps as well as the new unique features and the gesture based operating system can really provide some great and tough competition to the others like iOS, Android and Windows Phone and we hope that other OEMs also support the OS. Else wish Jolla all the best to make this an exclusive phone like Apple’s iPhone.