IRCTC Connect Indian Railway Tourism and Catering Corporation android app review


The giant Indian railway is the world’s biggest railway network, the pride and backbone of Indian economy. Its development is no surprise to an Indian national because of it being developing since the beginning at a tremendous rate. After the high usage of railways by the citizens, it was definitely a challenge for Indian railways to maintain such a high order ticket booking off-line: that is where IRCTC came into play. It deals with catering, tourism and online ticket booking facilities. Up to earlier today it was handling every service via the official website until the IRCTC Connect App got launched. As compared to the features present in this newly launched application, it only deals with the ticket booking options of IRCTC and has no access and features available to explore the tourism and catering section but the services offered by IRCTC and very vast indeed. You might like to know more about the services which IRCTC offers to you in a bit detailed fashion, here you go then.

IRCTC Connect Android App

IRCTC Connect: Indian Railway Tourism and catering Corporation

– Ticket Booking: It deals with the booking of tickets online via internet as well as SMS service. On this site, you can easily check the PNR status of your ticket. Different programs and loyalty schemes offered can be surfed via this website. The Tatkal ticket booking, it.e, booking a railway ticket on short notice is also available in this section.
– Tourism Services: IRCTC solely maintains and manages the tourism packages for tourists of definite budget plan. Out of loads of scheme, the “Bharat Darshan” is the most famed tourism budget suiting majority of tourists. The tourism section isn’t all about railway; it offers tourism to different sports and adventures whether it’s related to wild life exploring or zoo visiting.
– Catering management: Obvious the budget tourists need to be provided with classy food facilities allowing them to have taste of the Indian cuisine. This field needs to be managed with extensive care because it’s about the health as well as glory of this flourishing nation, that too is managed by IRCTC.

Pros- Exploring IRCTC Connect:
IRCTC Connect developed by BroadVision, allows users to access the app via their username and password; however the non- registered users have to register first via the available option display in the application. After that you can enjoy booking tickets, you will be delivered with the list of trains available between your source and destination, latter you need to fill up all the passenger details in the Add Passenger section and tap on the Book option. You will be asked to make payment via different available modes which are Credit card, debit card and internet banking. That’s all you have to do for booking a ticket. Furthermore, you can cancel your ticket in the menu available to you on taping at the options logo present in the top left corner of the application. This facility is highly helpful to the busy public who are in no mood of waiting in a row or for the people who like to do everything at their ease. It also finds its use in times of emergency when there is no time left to go at the counter, just few taps can make it go all good.

Pricing and compatibility:
You can easily download this application from the Google Play store and is available to you free of cost. It allows you to easily access the application if you are using an Android Smartphone running on Android OS v4.1 or above. However the Froyo’s and Gingerbread’s will be severely missing this application and should definitely upgrade to the higher versions of Android OS this year. The app compatibility of majority applications isn’t favorable for them anymore. Blackberry 10 users should take a sigh of relief because this application has been made officially available for them too. Unfortunately windows have to wait for the good news. But this application should be building at fast paced for the entire major platforms including windows because it is highly productive and every Indian needs it in their pocket.

This application being the first step in progress towards creating app based IRCTC environment although being remarkable shows some functional glitches though because of doped bugs present in this version but things are going to much smooth after each step in progress. This application isn’t made so robust yet lacking some features like its inability of storing the password at once; no option for sync with web, this application can be put into work only between 8AM- 12PM. The rest of the time is yet to see daylight for this application. However the UI is quite colorful as easy to handle for everyone and the functionality is definitely going to be at peak with time passing by.

When it’s about revolution in a certain field, limitations doesn’t matter because they get automatically omitted on the road to perfection. So, this application is a very trendy and needy tool for every person who travels via railway. You can perform your ticket booking with ease and comfort as well as cancel it according to your own pattern. You don’t have to waste your time in spending money at third party locals booking ticket’s at high rate. You can independently do it on your own now and this application is definitely a must have app for travelers.

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