How to use Mobogenie pc suite software


Have you bought a phone or have an old phone and wondering to manage its data….Mobogenie helps you manage your Android smartphone phone. Mobogenie is a software package created by a Beijing based company, which helps you, control and perform various mobile related applications. Mobogenie an android-based manager used to manage android devices. Unlike old times, we used to get bundled software with a brand new phone called as “PC SUITE” as we all recall it.

PC SUITE supports controlling and managing all your information/data that our phone carries. Mobogenie acts as a PC SUITE whose purpose is to manage your contacts, SMS/MMS, SD card INFORMATION, etc. Mobogenie provides a user friendly GUI (Graphic user interface) for all users. The application helps you connect your device to your pc or laptop and helps you transfer your songs, photos, videos, phonebook, etc.


Mobogenie Pc suite for Android phones

What Mobogenie provides?
We all want to upgrade our phone on regular basis with new and pre-installed software’s for better and smooth performance of your device. The software helps you do that with the help of updated market, which provide all the application for your mobile to use with instruction to patch any errors. The genie created by them helps you transfer all your device music, videos, application, etc. on pc and you can share with friends or transfer it to another phone. Your device can directly be updated with application, which you want, and you select on your phone “by just a click”.


  • Mobogenie is freely available on internet on their official website ( ).
  • Just download it on your pc and install.
  • Mobogenie is compatible with all possible windows version.
  • After installation just launch the application and make sure, you have connected your device via USB CABLE.
  • You also have to turn on USB DEBUGGING of your phone for smooth working of this application.
  • For USB DEBUGGING go to settings-application-development-tick usb debugging.
  • Now the device is connected to your pc and is ready to use and now you just have to click and all the app games ringtones media phonebook sms etc. will be transferred. Authors have worked hard & have given support and all tutorials are provided for any issue on the internet on their official website.

HOW TO USE Mobogenie:

  • After the installation is done of the particular software on your pc just double tap the icon and Mobogenie application is available.
  • The start-up page of the application consists of the user related information (about device, battery status, etc.)
  • The application control panel provided on top allows you to choose and download the application as your requirement free.
  • You just have to switch the required preference and categories and you are one click away from the required application available on your device in no time.
  • The software helps you by upgrading the device application available on the update notification
  • Unlike Mozilla or any internet browsers, the device is provided with download queue and status.
  • You can find, select, & download ringtones wallpapers YouTube videos in all possible formats from the top control panel by a click.
  • The software is used for backup and to restore data for which you just have to come back to the start-up page and click backup button and the select the required field and all possible information will be stored as a backup.
  • To restore the same data you have to click on restore button guide the path and all possible data are retrieved back.
  • From start-up page of the application, you can perform task like add a contact, edit the contact, and send sms etc. by just clicking to their respective icons.

For further support, the official website provides you with tutorials and all possible links.
Download Mobogenie for Android Phones