How to get real apps running on the Samsung Galaxy Gear


Samsung unveiled a smart watch some time ago along with the coveted Galaxy Note 3 Phablet and provided it in a bundle offer which was actually a sweet deal. But the use of the smart watch which is actually not that smart is pretty much limited to the phone and it can only be used to tell the time and some basic functionality that too when connected to the phone via an internal tethering app. But leaving all that aside, if you are a geek interested in playing with these type of devices at the grassroots level, then this can be your new toy.
How many of you know that the smart watch can actually work as an independent Android device? Well, there is still no provision to actually root the device, so getting the bundled Google package is still out of question, but you can still use some simple apps like candy crush.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung has actually done half the work for us as the Galaxy Gear ships with a “USB debug” check-box in the settings. You just have to check that box, hook it up to a computer, and it will be usable with the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). ADB will now allow you to open a command line and you can then load whatever you want onto the Gear. It has only 4GB of storage so don’t overload it or it may crash.

The Gear comes with an 800MHz processor and 512MB of RAM which is pretty decent for running real apps just like any other Android device. Also it runs Android 4.2.2 which is fine and also considering that the old android devices used to contain less than half the specs of the Gear, it is pretty good that the Gear can double up as a great device.
Now for that the procedure is actually a bit time consuming but fairly simple. First you’ll need to get ADB on your system, so for that install the Android SDK on your system. Then connect the Gear via USB and turn on “USB Debug” in the settings. Once the Gear is recognized, you’ll be able to use it with ADB. Now for the apps that you want to install, you will have to get their APK files from outside source as you cannot get them from the Play Store on this. Once you have the files you want, open a command line and a simple “ADB install [file-name]” will do it. After a few seconds, your apps should pop up in the app drawer, and then pray and open up the application. Loading the media uses the “push” command and requires a destination. “adb push breaking bad.avi /sdcard/movies” should work perfectly.
Now you can check out the apps and also use it play local media like songs, videos, etc. one limitation to this is that you can only connect the device to the internet via the tethering option of the phone or else the in-house app for controlling the Gear from the phone. It does not have an internal option to independently connect to Wi-Fi which is a bit of a deuce.
So if you are a player with such stuff, you will certainly enjoy playing with the Galaxy Gear and well, you can literally play on it. Since the screen is only 1.6 inches, you might feel like losing your eyesight in some, so beware of that. But other than that it cool that you can use real apps on the Galaxy Gear. So enjoy with a playable watch now. It is a good option if you suddenly happen to run out of juice on your phone and are still hungry for some entertainment.