HMD Nokia N6, N5, N3 Android phones and iconic 3310 ready to battle it out


Nokia mobile division under HMD is ticking right check boxes under their leadership. We at Phonelane were keenly watching Nokia launch event at Mobile World Conference 2017 Barcelona or MWC as commonly referred. Nokia mobile relaunch had loads of nostalgic as well as hopes pinned with them. An iconic brand Nokia, to believe that we have existed in a world without is flabbergasting. By now you guys would have figured Yes I am A NOKIA FAN. My last Nokia 1520 still lying besides me like a pal, the journey was amazing it died sadly (some hard falls on the ground).

Nokia HMD mobile phones at MWC 2017

I was glued to my PC Monitor as iconic music played out, it touched all the right nodes, good feeling with expectation starting building up. Nokia Fans had load of speculation to deal with, by keeping away from rumors HMD did right. It would have fueled the rumor mills more and create more disappointment. A grand start at MWC 2017 by announcing Global Availability of Nokia 6 gave a good reason to look forward the whole presentation. Nokia’s reliable and legendary build quality along with Androids open architecture was something Android Fans were craving.A match made perfect in many people minds if it was 5 years back. Here why I believe though late to the game of smartphone madness HMD are doing it in right manner.

Lets have a look why Phonelane perceive it’s a right way. Nokia Phones in reality are not available in market till last quarter when they relaunched.For many users Nokia though a brand known,haven’t owned one. With a major decision to sell off Nokia phone division to Microsoft ( still wonder why), all their major supporters and support mechanism were gone. In simple terms business can’t make money on brand alone. A slow ramp up made more sense than a major push with global relaunch. HMD is careful in understanding customer needs. Smartphone users are very finicky when it come to selection. Smartphone will be dropped at first instance if something doesn’t rhyme well with their needs. With newer brand like Xiaomi, OnePlus already creating global waves,for an old Brand like Nokia to come back steal limelight ain’t easy.Plus there is Apple Inc. with their mission to make mortals blessed by having their creation to be used.

HMD did a smart move,not take Apple Head-on (remember how an ex-Nokia boss tried too :P). Setting up a platform in mid-range phone segment to create awareness by offering them a build quality and reliability that Android users crave for,HMD will be poised to take Nokia phone brand to their previous highs.

Nokia N6 is available Globally

I got to mention the presentation at MWC 2017, its a new direction that’s fun and hilarious (singers had me in split every-time). Under the Withings name Nokia will launch new smartwatch, with so many watches to be offered under Android wear, we eagerly await to see what are they bringing to consumers, yup it’s a shout-out to give us piece to review if you guys at HMD are reading this 🙂

Nokia N6 specifications are balanced according to Price point aimed at, to offer Aluminum 6000 series is certainly a big thumbs up.Under the hood it is powered by a Qualcomm MSM8937 Snapdragon 430, launched last quarter its one of the best mid-range chip-set available for phones out there.With 4gb of RAM and ample on-board Storage along with Micro-sd options Nokia N6 makes sure that space is not a constrain.

Lets have a look at Camera, I always believed Nokia phones had some of the best camera packed in smartphone industry. With a 16-MP rear camera and 8- Mp with F 2.0 aperture lens for wider selfie, it is an awesome combination set to win major fans around the globe.Powered by a non-removable 3000 mAh battery standard day to day operation would be a breeze with some juice left by day end.All of this is packed in a beautiful Aluminium body and brought to life by 5.5 inch Full HD display,HMD claims sunlight readability is one of key factors of Nokia N6 Display.A front mounted home button which also houses a fingerprint reader completes the picture for Nokia 6.

Nokia N5 is the smaller sibling for Nokia N6 offering similar specification under the hood with a smaller 5.2 inches display at 720 x1280 pixels.Powered by similar processor as N6. Smaller 2 Gb Ram coupled with 16 gb of ROM with Micro-sd support works well with lower mid range smartphone segment.

A smaller 13-MP rear camera with similar 8 Mp front camera, powered by 3000 mAh battery.Nokia N5 performance is yet to be tested in real world scenarios. From the specification sheet we can expect it to perform fairly well.

Nokia N3 youngest sibling of new Nokia series. Its a budget friendly phone. Specifications are clear indicators of it been a feature rich phone with low hardware.A fingerprint sensor along with 8-Mp rear and front camera powered by 2650 mAh battery.

Powered by a Mediatek MT6737 and Mali-T720MP2 GPU has potential to disrupt low-budget phones segment.Surely a wait and watch how the story unfolds.

Launch of Nokia 3310 launch was a nostalgic moment also coupled with curiosity. Will it have legendary build quality and features.Early results seems to indicate it seems. In a world of feature rich smartphones, how will an iconic phone from a bygone era will survive. An interesting journey is taking place viewers. We know of many people who are simply bored of smartphones and have gone back to feature phones.Many have different reasons battery is one of the biggest reason along with network reliability.

Nokia 3310 runs on Symbian Operating System, which makes it very familiar. Snake is here 🙂 Yes the legendary game is back to munch on Apples with a twist. With a colorful 2.5 inch screen it fun packed time game. Games been modified to make sure that you get more play time.

Nokia HMD phones will be running Nougat out of the box, which is best Android out there.During presentation HMD board assured of security and regular updates for all Models.What remains to be seen what HMD will take.Will it follow Android makers regular path who discontinue updates to certain models after a particular time period.

We hope HMD keeps the update unified as iOS does to ensure least fragmentation of their Android Ecosystem. If HMD does that, a big shift is bound to happen in Android World.Google is desperate to ensure fragmentation of Android is brought down.Nexus lines did not make an impact as Google had hoped.

Its a new beginning with many expectation and load of direction along with Ups and Down of smartphone industry. Phonelanes hope HMD services do their best. We wish them Good luck and all the best for the future. Phonelane will always be keeping an eye out for HMD Nokia products and update you guys as we look at a resurgent Nokia. From a die hard Fan of Nokia phones.May the Force be with you !!!