Head to head comparison between Apple iPhone 5S and LG G2


Apple iPhone 5S vs LG G2

September is the month when the whole world awaits for the new launch of the masterpiece and September 2013 also proved the same, as this month two phones will battle to prove their supremacy Apple 5S and LG G2. The world was waiting for the next installment of iPhone and finally it has arrived in the market and already set the record of sales. Same with the LGa��s new flagship as this phone is also released and acquiring market fast. We are here to discuss the features and specifications of both the phones and finally will make a conclusion about the phonea��s supremacy in terms of features and specifications.

Build and Design:

Both the phones are well designed and looks of both the phones are just amazing. If we talk about Apple iPhone 5S then there is no much advancement in the design feature of this phone but still this phone is the best in class in design and build quality as the body is pleasing, robust aluminum with a full glassy finish which makes this phone as best fit on your hands. LG G2 is designed perfectly as a phablet with huge screen and making this phone not easy to handle. Body and design have been just perfect for phablet segment but is made of plastic so while we carry LG and Apple together you will find the design and build quality of Apple iPhone 5S is a lot more comfortable and superior. So when we talk about build quality and design of these two powerful contenders then you will definitely give all your votes to Apple phone.

Apple iPhone 5S

Features and Specs:

These two phones are filled with super features and specifications and will discuss both of them. Apple iPhone 5S have a 4 inch display like of its previous flagship and which makes this phone very convenient to use. While we talk about LG G2 than the screen size of this phone is 5.2 inches which makes this phone very big in all the terms while we compare it to Apple iPhone 5S.

Apple sports screen of 4 inches with the resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels and packed with 326 ppi which was same on the previous Apple phone but there is lots of improvement in display features like image enhancement, contrast and picture quality has been improved from previous Apple phone. In other hands Lg G2 sports with 5.2 inch display having 1920 X 1080 resolution having 424 ppi making this phone much superior than of Apple phone so if we talk about screen size and clarity then LG G2 is better than Apple iPhone 5S.


Processing Power:

As we all know that both the phones are just superb and powerful, so now we will test both in terms of power too. Apple iPhone 5S is the provided with the best Apple processor of A7 dual-core processors but along with this Apple has brought new 64 bit architecture on a Smartphone and iPhone 5S is the pioneer of this architecture. Phone performs perfectly with this configuration and has passed all the benchmark tests. Apple iPhone 5S will run on iOS 7.

LG G2 is powered with Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor the latest and the best out there, Apples’s iphone is powered by a A7 chip. The LG G2 along with powerful chipset has 2 GB RAM memory for super fast processing of instructions. The performance of this phone is also great and passes the benchmark test and is the most powerful phone in Android segment. If we talk about the power of both Apple and LG phone then we can make a conclusion that LG G2 has a powerful hardware configuration than of Apple.

Both the phones are just incredible and best in class so with all the comparison, we can say LG has much better hardware than of Apple but when it comes to hardware and software integration no one does it like Apple. Price of LG G2 is much cheaper than on the Apple phone but Apple does offer various contract rates via its partners so keep an eye out for a good deal.