Greed for Glory: War Strategy game download for Android and iPhone | review


Introduction: Greed glory is basically arcade and action game where you need to defend your own kingdom or huge empire developed by Parable. If you are into such defense games and free battle strategy games, then this is definitely a game you would love.

Here you have to build your town into your own legendary kingdom. Use various strategies to protect and defend your own kingdom and then bring the war to your enemies by unleashing your own build army in multi-player game mode.A� Crush other players, destroy their defenses, and capture their resources in glorious 3D battles in order to build up your won kingdom bigger and better. Greed for Glory is a brilliant city defense game that combines strategic building with fast action paced, glorious battles. You would lead your own mighty army of knights, archers, wizards, and other fantasy creatures in tactical war with others users online.A� You would construct fortress that can be never beatable, create a huge kingdom and raid others villages to earn glory.

Greed for Glory war strategy

This game is available for Android as well as IOS based cell phones. It is free to play.

You have to build new structures from your won iron and gold, assembling the maximum amount currency as you would be able to to raise a huge army of archers, knights, and wizards. Increase your fame and loot by sacking from different cities, slowly increasing and upgrading your base to accommodate your new power and glory. It’s a three way based currency system that focuses on gold, iron, and diamonds. You are able to store gold and iron currencies with basic buildings, and then you can use theseA� gold and currencies to make a lot of things and upgrade your existing structures. Diamonds are very useful at times of urgent need in currency. Similar to iron and gold, you earn diamonds through conquest and finishing achievement-style tasks, however the speed at that they refill is unfortunately very slow and hence you should use it wisely. As soon as your city is ready, you may positively wish to move out and begin offensive things. Combat takes place within the same purpose of consider town management, permitting you to pinch, zoom, and rotate round the screen as you seek for the most effective space to drop your troops. The squares marked in a red square measure out of bounds, forcing you to summon fighters far from town defenses, then sit back and watch the battle begin. Fighters square measure typically not terribly intelligent, which may sometimes be frustrating to users.

Greed for Glory: War Strategy comes across as a superior however fairly normal building game. The stress on combat keeps things pretty exciting and adventurous, however the robust tilt towards hard cash on replenishment your currencies detracts from the endurance of the sport. Overall a must try game.