G Cloud Backup android data backup free app review and download


If you are worried about losing your phone and its important data here is the application that comes to your rescue. G Cloud Backup by Genie9 is the cloud-based application to store your data. This application can be accessed on your Android phones as well as on the web. Now a days buying a new phone or losing one is not a rare visual,  you require an application that helps you to backup & restoring of your important data like contacts, message, files, images, videos, etc. this application lets you store your important information on their cloud server with free 1Gb storage.

G Cloud Backup can also manage itself, i.e. backups intelligently when the device has enough battery and Wi-Fi/3G connected. This process is repeated daily so that you do not lose a single bit of data. The application provides you with 1 GB space, but can be increased by buying 10 GB or unlimited storage plans. The application also provides you to increase it space free by promoting G Cloud Backup on Facebook, twitter, and various other listed services.

G Cloud Backup


  •  Helps you Backup & restore all important info like (Messages (SMS), contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos, videos and music).
  •  Access your data on web: https://www.gcloudbackup.com
  •  Multiple devices can be protected.
  •  Secure data transfer and storing
  •  It can automatically back-up in the presence of healthy battery & Wi-Fi
  •  Easy to restore data on any phones.
  •  No special configuration required.
  •  Backup External memory.
  •  Easy to restore to a new device with a click.
  •  Compatible with every version of all files.
  •  Customizable G CLOUD settings like daily schedule time, backup over 3G, and more.

G Cloud Backup is being supported with very user-friendly and simple GUI. The app helps you store all your data even browser data, system settings which are not provided by any other known service. All your multiple devices can be accessed by a single account, which makes you avoid confusion. A 1 GB provided is enough for a normal phone, but the space provided can be increased by either buying or promoting G CLOUD Backup. You can also check the storage space on web and the distribution of data, which is well provided by different colours. Daily backup makes up, carefree and the application also provide the pending list. G Cloud Backup application occupies 13Mb of your space and requires minimum 2.2 Android OS.

G Cloud Backup provides 1 GB storage, which is enough for old OS, supported device, but for now it somewhat less. Daily backups is good sometimes but gets somewhat irritating on a long run. Unfortunately, the application does not allow you to store your application and application data. For application-based backups, you need to root your device, which is hopeless on their part. Customizing settings are good addition but may need a few more options. The software lets you restore to various devices by just clicking which is fast and easy. There are various applications online and on the market which provide same purpose, but yet the software features are far ahead and saves you from the trouble of tedious processes to restore data that others provide. G Cloud Backup is a must download for those who like to switch phones regularly.

G Cloud Backup download