Flappy Bird 1.3 Android and iOS game complete review and direct download link


People, do you remember retro games that were the favorite pass time of all kids in early 2000 those times are back. Vietnam based development presents a game Flappy Bird with dot gear studios. The game has been viral and has climbed up the free charts of both iOS & Android market making is a hot seller. The game is incredibly addictive and difficult to play.

Flappy BirdA�is being termed as a�?the new Angry Birdsa�?. Flappy Birds were a retro-style, side-scroller mobile game first launched in iOS and then on the Android market. The game being simple has created a major effect on users and has been in talk for quite some time. The author is inspired from MARIO that he has added somewhat same background and structure. The central character Flappy is one of the cutest game characters ever seen in the history of mobile games those big lips add to the looks of the game.

The author has created a simple but very indulging character that you won’t be able to stop playing that game. The idea behind is quite simple and so are the controls, but it is a heck of a game you do not one miss.

Flappy Bird

About the game:

The game is quite simple you have to tap the screen until the bird crosses the required obstacle. The obstacles are super Mario type pies, which our cute flappy crosses while flying RIGHT. The look of the games is a retro style asA� mentioned earlier with those funny yet cute backgrounds and also the main character flappy a bird with big lips & eyes but small body and wings add to the looks. The game gets crazier as you go on & would sometimes feel to throw your phone but just hang on. Every time you pass a pipe, you add points to your total and as you touch those pipes, the game is over and it does not have any extra lives the game starts all over again. The game is been padded with sound effects which occur as you cross your obstacle.


The game as talked earlier has retro looks and major chunks of the game is being copied from MARIO but it still needsA� a lot of work as in adding levels changing some more different challenges like ANGRY BIRDS. FLAPPY BIRD much talked game is not available on both iOS & Android market, but you can still have it from mobogeine or from the phones that have it pre-installed. The game is really addictive, but cana��t hope to see its update at least not in the near future.

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