Facebook is slowly fading out its charm After 10 years of life


Facebook yes the Facebook that we are all aware of and a member of, it took over the social media world about six years ago and it has been the biggest thing on the internet, almost all of the online social was to be found on Facebook, people are a member of many groups on Facebook.  I was an active member of Facebook. Facebook is even the ground for advertising, as most of the people are on Facebook, so that they can stay connected all time with their friend’s family. Even various groups are there on Facebook tend you can join them as per your interest. There are about more than 1.5 Billion users on Facebook but lately it’s seen that the users are reducing or the existing users are becoming in-active. I have found that  most of my relatives have graduated from high school and have deleted their accounts and not much of their updates are found there. I hardly update my daily doings or even add new photographs on Facebook.

Facebook Dislike

Is it just me, or Facebook really is fading? There are many reasons Facebook is fading away these days, People are nowadays claiming that Facebook is a distraction and people tend to login again and again many times in a day and it has become people’s addiction.  Because of these a lot of companies have banned using Facebook pages for employees during office working hours. So because of these many brand loose their interaction with their users. When Facebook was first launched, all the users were very much  excited a to reconnect with their old school friends, college friends, co-workers etc. it had become very easy for everyone to reconnect, but as time went by they just became another contact as many are not active on Facebook. Similarly, various brands are facing the same thing as they have many hundreds of users with them, but all most of them are these days’ not active users. It’s also been noticed that not only  business groups, users are also nowadays bit upset at Facebook have now overall control on your Newsfeed like hiding the posts from the friends whom I have not been in contact from long time is not right and it’s upsetting.  Every time we log on to Facebook something or the other has changed in some or the other way, to stay In touch with all these update’s and changes on Facebook is annoying. Even Facebook fading away  might explain in part the popularity of a various new services like his  Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest. They are becoming more and more famous now-a-days among youngsters. Even apps like WhatsApp that we all are aware of has become a huge success, even app called  Line is very popular in Japan, Snap chat, We Chat are very much popular China and  even app like KakaoTalk is the most popular service in Korea because of all these new services Facebook is losing its users to some extent.

CONCLUSION: It has become universal fact, Facebook might  have lost some of its edge  at least we can see that  least it does not feel like  original to any of many of its  users, thus losing its appeal this day and down the road its slowly losing its charm and may fade away.