Everything you need to know about Samsung Z -Tizen OS


First of all we congratulate Samsung for achieving a new landmark in their dominant history. Samsung had already planned to release a Smartphone operating on Tizen os but due to some software developer problems it has lately but finally arrived on the platform. Most of the people might be wondering what is Tizen actually and Why Samsung selected it.

Tizen OS

Actually Tizen is a Linux based operating system developed for almost every electronic computing machine like IVI’s, Smartphone’s, tablets and cameras. The fact is project Tizen is being watched over by a group of techie companies collectively called Technical Steering Group of which Samsung is also a part. That’s why Samsung has chosen this light Tizen software for their latest Gears and experimented it on Samsung Z. Due to its open source nature Tizen OS is easily compatible with a wide variety of devices making it an ideal choice for the long run.
With integrated and wearable devices the future of the mobile segment Tizen OS stand a chance to become a contender for mobile segment. With native HTML 5 support and across the platform support, it is a OS to look out for


Since Tizen os was already present under the assets of Samsung so they had no reasons to stop it from emerging. The main reason of this experiment might be that Samsung wants to take some software control of their Smartphone’s in their own hands because currently every product launched by them is based on Google’s android which is all over under control of Google.

Talking about the qualifications of Samsung Z, it is a high range Smartphone by Samsung with its quad core processor clocked at a lightning fast speed of 2.3 GHz. For extra smooth task running and loading quality 2GB of RAM is present along with 16GB internal memory to let you store everything you love and never run out of memory.

Its back camera is 8.0 MP while as the front shooter is 2.1 MP quite good for video calling. The display is super AMOLED 4.8 inch to make it fit entirely in common hands. Moreover the Samsung z is enabled with 2G, 3G and 4G compatibility which surely proves its high end specificity. The latest 4.0 version of Bluetooth along with A2DP, EDR and LE is present along with dual band wifi connectivity which making this Smartphone highly exceptional and richly featured among the rest of Samsung Smartphone’s.

Samsung has also shown a surprising act of enabling maximum number of sensors on this Smartphone which includes accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass along with barometer and heart rate monitor which seems to be the derivation of next generation Smartphone’s by Samsung. Last but not the least preferred component is battery life which is nice in case of Samsung z with its 2600mAh battery which good for highly sophisticated Smartphone. Samsung Z is going to be highly sensational Smartphone and a fresh breathe of innovative Smartphone technology to experience something newer than Window and Android operating systems.