Eternity Warriors 3 game for Android and iOS review and download


ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 is the third and the latest version of the most acclaimed action game with THREE PLAYABLE Heroes, three times Dungeons, and three times more Loot than the previous versions of game developed by the GLU Games. IT is free to play android game and isn’t just the best game in Glu Mobile’s action series.

Now we know that In a previous game the last Demon Tower fell, the humans of Northern Udar praised their new hero but their praise, however, were short lived. However the last of the great dragons unleashed a horrifying evil upon the entire planet by unsealing the Eternity weapon with the help of the demon magic.

Mawzok’Kahl, Lord of Hell, self-proclaimed Heir to the planet, sets his sights on the kingdoms of Udar. And as suddenly because it came, it appears like peace in Northern Udar has all over again been snuffed out. Northern Udar is in want of a hero all over again, a lot of currently than ever before. Each man, girl and kid depends on that, they need to save by the player.

Eternity Warriors 3

And it is you i.e. player who has to save every human from the demon. As this sounds interesting, the game is in very interesting and highly addictive action packed game.

This game is available for Android as well as IOS users


1. Three types of players can be chosen by the player to play a game:

A. Monk
B. Mage
C. Warrior

Every Players have to start out with the choice of selecting control of a warrior or monk, while the image is unlocked later on as you keep playing the game unleashing higher damage to the demons

2. Powerful skills per hero

You can always update and add better power and skills to build your hero and to get better performances in combat action.

3. Best Graphics

Amazing and quite enjoyable graphics makes it more interesting to play

4. Gives you the option for guilds and real-time chat

One can join forces in guild and easily if they want to communicate with other users they can easily chat with one another that to in real time and inspect their gear.

5. Combat System

The game is has very fast paced action sequences with fluid controls and showing you perfect animations of life kill.

6. Items To Loot

In this third series you would have thousands and thousands of new legendary loots; you can even give them to anyone if you like.

7. IN all 3 kingdoms

You have to kill the entire demon in all the three kingdoms in Udar

8. Tournaments

Many tournaments are available and there are like a completion to complete various tournaments against other users.


IF you have played the previous game if u has enjoyed it, then this third is worth checking it as ita��s after all free to play on Google play store. The levels are fairly varied. Although being a dungeon crawler based game, if thata��s a sort of game that you are into you should definitely try it out. Ita��s an easy going entertaining game with lot to really enjoy, especially if your into the Diablo style action game.

Eternity Warriors 3 for Android download
Eternity Warriors 3 for AndroidA�download